GUYS! This is my 8th SXSW. In a row! 8 years of bands and tired feet and bands and friends and bands and booze and no sleep and bands and tacos and bands!! If you’re in Texas, I definitely want to see you here. Here are the easiest places to catch me – at the sets of Band Mom bands, past and present! Come see them and let’s hug!!





Weds 3.12 – South By Soup Fest Benefit (free show) – Guero’s (1412 S Congress Ave) – 450-510

Sat 3.15 – Folk Alliance Party – Threadgill’s (301 West Riverside) - 12:30-12:55pm


TENNIS PRO: Premiering their FILM (of which they are the stars!), BIG IN JAPAN (directed by John Jeffcoat):

Tues 3.11 – Stateside Theatre (719 Congress Ave) – 6:30
Thurs 3.13 – Alamo Ritz 1 (320 E 6th St) – 9:30



Thurs 3.13 – Pop Press International showcase – UP Collective (2326 E Cesar Chavez St) – 3:15
Fri 3.14 – Super Great Fun House Show After Party For Jack Wilson’s 30th Birthday Party Show
    earlier show is @ Flipnotics Coffee (1601 Barton Springs Rd) – then Cumulus w/SHENANDOAH DAVIS – 12am
Sat 3.15 – The Local Pub & Patio (2610 Guadalupe) – 11pm



Thurs 3.13 – DC Against The World – The New Movement (616 Lavaca Street) – 4:30-5:05



Tues 3.11 – Headhunters Patio (official show) (719 Congress Ave) – 11:30pm
Weds 3.12 – Pop Press International showcase – UP Collective (2326 E Cesar Chavez St) – 3:30



Weds 3.12 – Ice Cream Dreamz – Frock On Vintage (3016 Guadalupe Street, Ste. A101) – 6:20



Weds 3.12 – Ice Cream Dreamz – Frock On Vintage (3016 Guadalupe Street, Ste. A101) – 8:00



Fri 3.14 – Girls Rock Austin Unofficial SXSW Day Party – Cherrywood Coffee House (1401 E. 38 1/2 St) – 8:25



ROBBY HECHT is at Top 200 Radio NOW!!

My first official full-length project of 2014 went for adds just 2 weeks ago, on February 18th. And it’s doing great! Have you checked out Robby Hecht yet?? He’s a real nice Nashville singer-songwriter; for those of you with AAA rotations or Folk/Roots/Blues charts, or singer-songwriter shows, this’ll especially be a good fit, but he’s got a couple tracks I think anybody should love. I highly recommend actually starting with my late-album suggested tracks (8 and 11); one of them is a really lovely cover of a Gillian Welch/David Rawlings song. Track 2, “New York City”, is another he’s pushing as a single, even has a nice video here, but it’s got a “shit” or two in it so I wouldn’t recommend playing that one on the airwaves without the clean edit, which is included in the download link for radio stations. Time to jump on board the Robby Hecht train!!




The Nashville-based folk scene fixture Robby Hecht will release a new self-titled album on March 25th. Anchored by Hecht’s mixture of shimmering acoustic guitars, understated rhythm section and flourishes of fiddle, horns, piano, & sax, the album “represents a return to the early 70s golden era of acoustic pop where thoughtful, well-crafted lyrics were blended with timeless melodies” (Music City Roots).

Produced by Nashville musician Lex Price (Mindy Smith, k.d. Lang), the 12 songs on Hecht’s new album paint an intimate portrait of the phases of a long-term relationship and a life introspectively lived. “Feeling it Now” delves into Hecht’s experiences with bipolar disorder. “The Sea and the Shore”, co-written with Amy Speace, shows Hecht’s knack for quiet, vulnerable ballads, while “Barrio Moon”—a “spooky murder ballad” as Hecht describes it—tells the tale of a stabbing between friends through dark and haunting chords. Hecht combines the grace and indelible melodies of songwriters like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell with the mainstream appeal of David Gray.

One of American Songwriter’s “favorite Nashville artists,” Hecht—an East Tennessee native—began performing while a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After living in Paris and San Francisco and fronting the pop band AllDay Radio, he returned to Nashville where he has won several prestigious awards for songwriting and shared the stage with acts like John Prine, Colin Meloy, Lucius, Amos Lee, Iron and Wine, Neko Case, and Josh Ritter.

Hecht will play songs from his new album at shows in Nashville and across the country this spring. He is also slated to appear at the Folk Alliance party at SXSW.


RIYL: Josh Ritter, David Gray, Amos Lee, James Taylor, Ryan Adams, Tom Brosseau



3/5—Flagstaff, AZ—Coconino Center for the Arts

3/6—Cottonwood, AZ—Old Town Center for the Arts

3/7—Pinos Altos, NM—Pinos Altos Opera House

3/8—Corrales, NM—Music in Corrales

3/12—Austin, TX [SXSW]—Gueros – South By Soup Fest Benefit

3/15—Austin, TX [SXSW]—Threadgill’s World Headquarters (Outdoor Stage) – Folk Alliance Party at SXSW

3/20—Washington, DC—Ebenezers Coffeehouse

3/21—Annapolis, MD—House Concert

3/22—Providence, RI—Bell Street Coffee House

3/24—New York, NY—Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3

3/26—Cambridge, MA—Club Passim

3/28—Newtown Square, PA—Burlap and Bean

4/3—Duluth, GA—Red Clay Theater

4/4—Birmingham, AL—Moonlight on the Mountain

4/6—Dahlonega, GA—The Crimson Moon

4/7—Knoxville, TN—Tennessee Shines – Knoxville Visitor Center

4/9—Nashville, TN—The Basement

4/26—Columbus, OH—Six String Concert Series – Peggy R McConnell Arts Center of Worthington

5/16—Austin, TX—The Rock Room

5/17—Houston, TX—Anderson Fair

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!



TIE THESE HANDS has a new single: “TRAMPOLINE”!

Now that I’ve finally closed the book on 2013, let’s talk about some of my new stuff! Remember Tie These Hands, from the album I sent you last summer? (if you’re at a radio station but weren’t around for the summer, you probably actually still got a copy of the CD, I was able to send so many—maybe take a look around!) – anyway that album did so well (6 weeks on CMJ charts!) we decided to just go for it right away again with their new stuff!

They’re doing this thing now where instead of releasing a full album, they’re just putting out one single at a time, really spending a serious amount of time and care on each song and also putting out a video along with each one. That way there isn’t a year+ wait between albums so there’s no excuse to forget about them! So, there’s no full-length coming to follow this up, so don’t wait on that. And also it doesn’t exist in hard copy form, so don’t look for one (although if you’re DESPERATE for a hard copy and absolutely won’t accept a download, but do play singles, let me know and we can probably arrange something for the band to help you out). Grab it while it’s fresh, watch the video, send it out to yr djs or add it to your digital rotations—I don’t expect you to chart it, because I know with a digital single that’s pretty unrealistic, but I DO want you to play it and let me know what you think!! These’ll be coming every couple months this year; this is just the beginning!




After spending five weeks on the CMJ Top 200 (and one at #14 Most Added) with their August 2013 album Come On, Lincoln, Nebraska’s Tie These Hands are right back at it with the 2/11/14 release of “Trampoline”. “Trampoline” is being released as a single with a simultaneous video premiere. After recording and releasing albums traditionally since 2002, the band is heading in a new direction with their future releases: the next Tie These Hands album, which begins with current single “Trampoline”, will be recorded and released as a new single every two to three months with a video. After years of recording at the iconic Nebraska studios, Presto and ARC, often with the help of engineer AJ Mogis, the band has embraced the DIY ethic. Full control of the creative process, from recording to release, allows Tie These Hands to get fresh, new music to fans much quicker than the traditional release model. “Trampoline” can be streamed or purchased on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and anywhere digital music is available. And this is only the beginning.

**This is NOT a CMJ charting campaign, but digital singles like this will be coming in regular intervals throughout 2014: please feel free to download and spin as they’re released, in lieu of a new full-length Tie These Hands album!**


RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Weakerthans, Say Hi, Built To Spill, The Good Life     FCC CLEAN

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep! (stream track) (video of track)



My Top Stuff of 2013

Ha ha ha. Remember 2013?? I know it basically feels like a distant ancient memory at this point, but I just finished my reckoning with it! I spent the end-of-the-year time, which is normally a lull where I do this sort of accounting, in a move across the country and then the last couple months setting up shop in my new home in Seattle, so I was too distracted til now to really get this done, but still, it’s become a tradition for me to get this out there and I’ll be durned if I’m not gonna finish it this time! I realize doing it this late means almost nobody could possibly care, but I do like to be able to fit in viewings of as many movies as possible before making my big judgments, and maybe putting it up right after the Oscars will get some people interested in some worthwhile alternatives the Academy didn’t consider…and anyway I’m mostly just doing this for myself anyway, to make me feel like I’ve been doing something worthwhile and memorable with my time and sort it into a digestible time capsule, and to have something to show for myself around here.

2013 was a hard year, maybe the worst of my life in a lot of ways, but neither I nor even anyone I’m really close to died, and a lot of people I love were really there for me all year long, so honestly it wouldn’t be fair to complain. And things are already looking way up in 2014!

I still managed to have quite a bit of fun in the year, as you’re about to see below. I took trips to Ohio, Pittsburgh, the Hudson Valley, and Austin/SXSW/San Antonio, and then the one really major road trip with a Penske truck and my friend Jenny, where we made some really memorable stops in Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado, Idaho and Oregon before finally settling in Seattle.

For most of 2013, the two fun part-time jobs I’d been working continued, as well as adding in a new nearby venue gig near the end of the year (in addition to my Band Mom radio promo), which you’ll again see reflected pretty heavily when we get down to my Top Shows lists, much as they were in my Top Stuff of 2012 and 2011 and actually also 2010 and 2009, before I even worked at those venues. I’m maintaining the rule that Band Mom Bands are ineligible for the Top Albums list because I couldn’t possibly rank them against each other, but that I can’t rule out shows where I worked the door or stage managed for my Top Shows lists, because then there would be almost no shows to consider.

As always, I never claim stuff on this list is the ‘best’ of the year. Art is impossible to grade on an objective scale, and it’s insulting and ugly to posture as though one could do so. These are just my favorites:


top 15 albums (or EPs) of 2013:

  1. phosphorescent – muchacho

  2. the national – trouble will find me

  3. tegan and sara – heartthrob

  4. grand hallway – horses

  5. mansions – doom loop

  6. thao & the get down stay down – we the common
  7. casiotone for the painfully alone – in cambridge
  8. mutual benefit – love’s crushing diamond
  9. the blow – the blow
  10. colleen green – sock it to me
  11. youth lagoon – wondrous bughouse
  12. yo la tengo – fade
  13. mikal cronin – MCII
  14. kurt vile – walkin on a pretty daze
  15. the ruby suns – christopher

I kept my Top Albums list to a reasonable number this year because I listened to my 9 Band Mom albums plus the ones that made the cut above a TON, then there were like 100 more that I listened to just a little bit, so the list was gonna be either 100 or 15. This time I went with 15, but I can’t promise next year won’t be another 2010. As mentioned and as always, Band Mom artists are ineligible for this list because I wouldn’t even begin to know how to rank them: this means you, dc pierson (songs for crap kingdom comp), the hairs, eternal fair, mal blum, tie these hands, tereu tereu, spirits of the red city, cumulus and the fold. That’s artists (and their curators) from Brooklyn, Seattle, Lincoln NE, DC, Chicago, LA, Denver and a few other decentralized exotic locations. You all released FANTASTIC albums that are tied for number one in my heart, and I love you the most.

top 15 shows (concerts):

  1. the postal service w/mates of state @ barclays center (brooklyn ny, june)

  2. phosphorescent w/strand of oaks @ bowery ballroom (manhattan ny, bowery)
  3. the mountain goats w/baptist generals @ maxwells (hoboken nj, june)
  4. cumulus w/the lonely forest @ mercury lounge (manhattan ny, october)
  5. dean wareham @ bell house (brooklyn ny, november)
  6. shout out louds, telekinesis, mount moriah, mikal cronin [merge records sxsw showcase] @ the parish (austin tx, march)
  7. califone w/richard buckner @ littlefield (brooklyn ny, may)
  8. advance base @ silent barn (brooklyn ny, august)
  9. dana falconberry w/paperbird @ mercury lounge (manhattan ny, may)
  10. chuck ragan, jenny owen youngs, rocky votolato @ bell house (brooklyn ny, march)
  11. hi ho silver oh [sxsw] @ dogwood (austin tx, march)
  12. grand hallway @ pete’s candy store (brooklyn ny, october)
  13. jonathan richman w/tommy larkins @ bell house (brooklyn ny, february)
  14. youth lagoon w/magical cloudz @ bell house (brooklyn ny, may)
  15. the breeders @ bell house (brooklyn ny, march)

aw, I miss working at venues (looking for one in Seattle to call home if you know anybody!). I’d also like to mention my one Band Mom Presents show at Union Hall of the year, which I’m not allowing to count but which was a real highlight of my year nonetheless: that was 3/1 with Good Field, Ramesh (formerly of Voxtrot) and Matt Bauer, and also the tour I helped promote that included a totally excellent Pete’s Candy Store stop with Anthonie Tonnon.

top 50 movies:

  1. upstream color

  2. fruitvale station
  3. her
  4. the east
  5. 12 years a slave
  6. kill your darlings
  7. the place beyond the pines
  8. the great gatsby
  9. inside llewyn davis
  10. in a world…
  11. stoker
  12. short term 12
  13. frances ha
  14. stories we tell
  15. the world’s end
  16. nebraska
  17. crystal fairy
  18. much ado about nothing
  19. before midnight
  20. this is the end
  21. monsters university
  22. spring breakers
  23. the act of killing
  24. wadjda
  25. the square
  26. touchy feely
  27. drinking buddies
  28. the kings of summer
  29. the grandmaster
  30. all is lost
  31. dirty wars
  32. as I lay dying
  33. the wind rises
  34. the hunt
  35. dallas buyers club
  36. the reluctant fundamentalist
  37. cutie and the boxer
  38. the spectacular now
  39. it’s a disaster
  40. magic magic
  41. blue is the warmest color
  42. blackfish
  43. oldboy
  44. side effects
  45. the way, way back
  46. girl most likely
  47. ain’t them bodies saints
  48. gravity
  49. the heat
  50. philomena

honorable mentions (roughly in order; this whole list was initially a numbered top 100+ until I considered how ridiculous that is. but FYI I feel EXTRA strongly this time about the top 35 of the above list, but strongly enough about all of these to mention ‘em. I did see 52 other 2013 movies that didn’t make any list at all!):

v/h/s/2, the hobbit: the desolation of smaug, good ol’ freda, prince avalanche, warm bodies, prisoners, 20 feet from stardom, the broken circle breakdown, elysium, black rock, the hunger games: catching fire, august: osage county, we steal secrets: the story of wikileaks, the secret life of walter mitty, trance, blue jasmine, lone survivor, enough said, closed circuit, a band called death, the wolf of wall street, the great beauty, mandela: long walk to freedom, don jon, the family, mother of george, thanks for sharing, anchorman 2: the legend continues, about time, all is bright, the punk singer, frozen, the armstrong lie, rush, europa report, hell baby, mud, no, to the wonder, how i live now, best man down, austenland, only god forgives, identity thief, berberian sound studio, bling ring, the to do list, evil dead, you’re next, room 237, una noche, escape from tomorrow, computer chess, mr. nobody, passion, rapture-palooza, the wall (die wand), A.C.O.D., this is martin bonner, behind the candelabra, the inevitable defeat of mister and pete, thor: the dark world, a single shot, coffee town, family weekend, john dies at the end, man of steel, now you see me, carrie, wrong cops, pussy riot: a punk prayer, i’m so excited!, i give it a year, byzantium, the iceman, world war z, big sur, admission, the sapphires, the fifth estate, winnie mandela, despicable me 2, the conjuring, diana, the internship, ass backwards, museum hours, captain phillips, syrup, the lifeguard, upside down, somebody up there likes me, something in the air.

top NEW actors of the year (as in i’d never heard their names before/hadn’t noticed them in anything and now they seem like a big deal to me, were each in several things i loved): riz ahmed (the reluctant fundamentalist, closed circuit), brie larson (short term 12, the spectacular now, don jon, and a couple episodes of community) & moises arias (kings of summer, plus a particularly memorable performance in the otherwise-bad ender’s game)

standout actors of the year (who were not new to me, but were in a bunch of stuff i loved and seemed to have a really big year): lake bell, clark gregg, daniel brühl, olivia wilde, & rob corddry.

also as an aside, a few years ago I made up a ‘best sound design‘ category because I felt so strongly about black swan’s and then we need to talk about kevin’s, and was mad that they were slighted in oscar nominations, and this year I feel the same way about the sound in UPSTREAM COLOR.

oh and here’s a new category i got excited about creating this year: best use of a pop song in a movie. i was really knocked over by the use of moby’s “the day” in danny boyle’s trance, and also grand hallway’s “horses” in lynn shelton’s touchy feely, and i wanted to tell you about it.

some stats notes on movies: in 2013 i saw 263 different movies. exactly 100 of them were in theaters, and to date i’ve seen 197 movies that came out in 2013 (that’s 80 more than last year! although I’m also publishing this almost 2 weeks later than last year. this includes several that i watched after the year ended, so they’ll be among the total i report having watched in 2013, but they’re also part of the group of 2013 movies i’m counting as eligible for this best-of list).

as for movies with questionable release dates, the rule i made up is basically that if i saw it in like a festival or limited-engagement special event in 2013, even if it didn’t get even limited national release otherwise, it counts for my list, but if i did not see it in a festival before 2013 and its first limited release (a usa release that’s not a specific festival, even if it showed in fests pre-2013) was this year, then it counts. in other words it’s pretty subjective to my perspective, but it had to have its (limited or wide) release begin in 2013 OR be seen by me in a festival or special event (i saw movies at NYFF and a few assorted micro fests, and in theaters and homes in New York, Seattle, and San Antonio…somehow missed out on movies at my mainstays SXSW, tribeca, and BAM cinema fest this year, boo) in 2013. (I did, however, participate in the New York Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Del Close Marathon, and comedy shows at SXSW, so I guess comedy beat movies fests-wise for me this year, much like 2012).

also of note, i saw 12 2013 movies in 3d (and only one in IMAX: pacific rim; i saw gravity in 3d but not IMAX, and the hobbit in 3d but not the HFR this time, regrettably). i continue to think 3d is a stupid cash grab that almost never adds to the film, but I suffer from pretty severe fear of missing out so i keep getting suckered in. the only one that was really worth it this year was gravity, although monster’s university and thor had their merits as well.

this is my longest movie list ever…there are just so many that I truly feel strongly about! also I saw more last year than any other year in my life, because of this service called Moviepass where I pay a monthly fee for nearly-unlimited movies so that it actually made financial sense to see MORE movies than less, and I was happy to oblige (mostly post-midnight screenings after work). Since I’m no longer in the movie theater mecca of NYC, I expect 2013 to be a lifetime peak, my high-water mark. (particularly sad to be leaving behind the greatest movie theater of all time, which I only just discovered this last year: the AMC Loews at 84th St.) But I also got paid for writing about movies last year for the first time ever, and intend to keep that up, so I do hope to continue to stay as engaged as possible here in the also-very-hip Seattle.

here’s what 1.92 trips to the movie theater a week (plus a few extraneous otherwise tix) looks like, btw:

although i obviously saw a ton of movies this year, you’ll always miss a few; there are a few that i still intend to see. Although i feel pretty good about the above list, really got pretty much all of the serious contenders in for once, these might have had a chance at making the above lists had i been able to catch them: ernest & celestine, the missing picture, omar (those are the only 3 of the 43 oscar-nominated features that haven’t been available to watch yet, so i haven’t!), the past, dear mr watterson, casting by, great expectations, grace of monaco, harry dean stanton: partly fiction, 47 ronin, out of the furnace, homefront, he’s way more famous than you, the last days on mars, the selfish giant, first cousin once removed, life according to sam, losing you, metro manila, sun don’t shine, the missing picture, let the fire burn, a river changes course, go for sisters, after tiller, gideon’s army, a touch of sin, gloria, afternoon delight, pit stop, my sister’s quinceañera, and the foxy merkins. pretty much everything else, if it had a theatrical release in 2013 and it’s not listed here, it’s on purpose. SO THERE.

saw filmmakers/actors in person promoting:

-crystal fairy (michael cera & director sebastián silva, IFC center, july 12)

-dazed and confused (20th anniversary screening at the NYFF, oct 10, with richard linklater, jason london, parker posey, and anthony rapp!!!!!)

-also went to my first-ever screening with a live cast of rocky horror picture show (chelsea bowtie cinema, formerly chelsea clearview, nov 27), and also a “shouting at the screen” showing of blaxploitation film Abby with wyatt cenac, donwill and matt braunger (indiescreen, on halloween) – those weren’t filmmaker screenings, obviously, but they were “event” film screenings.


my 25 favorite comedy or spoken-word shows I saw (top 2, by far):

-john hodgman’s secret society, at union hall throughout the year, and also the “secret secret society” in a catacombs 6/17

-mike birbiglia’s final performance of my girlfriend’s boyfriend, in addition to his union hall shows all year, @ carnegie hall 6/2

(the rest in chronological order, with some photographic evidence):

-the jukebox, one featuring victor varnado, james adomian, garth johnston, christian finnegan, and lizz winstead; the other featuring john hodgman singing ‘no children’ by the mountain goats @ union hall 2/19 and 3/19

-night job, hosted by katharine heller and dean haspiel, featuring angry bob, rev jen, and brooke van poppelen @ union hall 3/21

-marc maron @ union hall 4/14

-jen kirkman @ bell house 4/27

-the thrilling adventure hour, my favorite bell house show: Paul f Tompkins, John Hodgman, Paget Brewster, Mara Wilson, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Maria Thayer, Craig Cackowski, Jonathan Coulton, Scott Aukerman, Ira Glass, Scott Adsit, Rich Sommer & more @ bell house 5/11 and 10/11

-the interview show, podcast taping hosted by mark bazer, featuring chris mills, emily nussbaum, sam lipsyte, kathleen hanna @ union hall 5/16

-greg proops, podcast taping of ‘the smartest man in the world’ @ bell house 5/25

-going off track, podcast taping hosted by jonah bayer, steven smith and 2 others, featuring lyle preslar (minor threat), jenny owen youngs, chris gethard, frank iero (my chemical romance) @ union hall 6/8

-ask me another, npr show taping hosted by ophira eisenberg with jonathan coulton as the house band, featuring paul feig @ bell house 6/24

-nick thune, special ‘folk hero’ taping @ bell house 6/26

-heart of darkness ‘jaguar paw’, hosted by greg barris with house band the forgiveness, featuring dave hill and mind warrior heather berlin @ bell house 6/28

-mike birbiglia, eugene mirman, reggie watts and daniel kitson @ bell house 7/10

-low times, podcast taping hosted by tom scharpling, maggie serota and daniel ralston, featuring alan vega of suicide, the wrens, and craig finn @ union hall 10/5

-cheap date, hosted by sharron paul and calvin cole, featuring hari kondabolu, barry rothbart, skinny bitch jesus meeting, andrew short, kat burdick, eli sairs, and matt wayne @ union hall 10/8

-literary death match, featuring raj sivaraman, maris kreizman (of slaughterhouse 90210), iris smyles, and jason koo @ union hall 10/9

-simon amstell @ union hall 10/11-12

-running late, podcast tapings hosted by scott rogowsky, one featuring eugene mirman, demitri martin and grizz chapman, and the other featuring amber tamblyn and josh pais @ littlefield 10/23 and 12/18

-the grawlix, new york comedy fest show, featuring jonah ray, kate berlant, and sean patton @ union hall 11/8

-oh, hi, mark, a nycf show, featuring greg sestero (mark from the room!!!) @ union hall 11/9

-jenny slate’s new york comedy festival show featuring max silvestri, greg johnson and nick kroll @ littlefield 11/10

-night train’s 1-year anniversary show, hosted by wyatt cenac, featuring david cross, nikki glaser, ted leo, eugene mirman, seth herzog, kurt braunohler, michael che, andy wood, michelle buteau, and free daly pies @ littlefield 11/25

-geeking out, hosted by kerri doherty and leslie goshko, featuring steve heisler, the vigilante, and jason zimbler (ferguson from clarissa explains it all!!) @ union hall 12/3

-tom shillue’s funny story, my last comedy show as a new yorker, with joy behar and gavin mcinnes @ brooklyn brewery 12/19

Last year I included a separate category to list the podcasts/tapings I participated in or worked the door for, but it was just too much this year, so I rolled the highlights in above. My involvement with the New York comedy community is one of the biggest things I miss now that I’m gone, try not to forget me!


favorite new tv shows:


house of cards

orange is the new black

brooklyn nine-nine

favorite non-new tv shows:

arrested development

parks and recreation

breaking bad

new girl

an idiot abroad

happy endings

bob’s burgers



adventure time with finn and jake

american horror story

downton abbey

mad men



30 rock




childrens hospital


the killing

the mindy project

it’s always sunny in philadelphia

(netflix really owned it in 2013! looking forward to justified, parenthood, boardwalk empire, house of lies, veep, shameless, bunk, comedy bang bang, enlightened, episodes, a young doctor’s notebook, hello ladies, masters of sex, peaky blinders, and true detective eventually joining this list…need more hours in the day)


and lastly, some stray cool stuff i did in 2013 that didn’t fit into any of the above categories:

-daniel kitson’s one-man theatrical production ‘analog.ue’ @ st ann’s warehouse

-’once’ on broadway

-’the unavoidable disappearance of tom durnin’, a play at the roundabout theatre company, followed by a q&a with stars rich sommer, david morse, and david denham

-michael shannon ‘in conversation’ during the new yorker festival, followed by a short performance also by his band, corporal

-an uncategorizable event put on by philip seymour hoffman’s theatre company, featuring performances by kevin corrigan and my composer roommate kenny jaworski plus a group-bonding exercise

-spent the 4th of july in gardiner ny, the hudson valley, on my first MetroNorth trip visiting my former roommate emily

-spent a fun summer day with some long-lost australian friends, including visiting the superhero supply store

-danced on the ucb’s stage with friends to springsteen during the del close marathon

-worked as a “location assistant” on several film & tv sets

-had a music video shot in my apartment

-i did also read at least 8 books, for the record, which is an improvement because i spent the last 3 previous years combined crawling my way through gravity’s rainbow

-i also had surgery 3 times, which super sucked, but my mom came to mommy me in brooklyn each time for several days, which was really wonderful. nothing in life is all just one thing.


And the bonus: i’ve used these posts in my last few years to brag about my favorite “celebrity encounters”, and this one was a tough call so i included a the photos with couple runners-up above. But this time, I’m going to bypass bragging about rubbing elbows with people like dan harmon, missi pyle, rich sommer, kathleen hanna, jd samson, travis morrison, al madrigal, gilbert gottfried, buzz aldrin, suzanne vega, jay pharaoh, thao nguyen, jonathan ames, judah friedlander, rhys darby, michael ian black, david wain, janeane garofalo, jason mantzoukas, zach woods, pat kiernan, amber tamblyn, grizz chapman, chris mcculloch/jackson publick, and everyone else listed above (see how I skipped it?), because a Life Highlight happened just before I moved away this year. At the end of the last Secret Society show I worked, john hodgman called me up onstage, to join him along with jonathan coulton, jean grae and john roderick. They kind of interviewed me about my move, and then sat me down in a hi-backed chair while they gathered around & got the whole audience (many of whom have genuinely become friends through this show) to join in singing Auld Lang Syne. It’s difficult (and in violation of a solemn oath I swore) to even express how special the Secret Society was to me throughout the year, and to get that kind of send-off to tell me I’ve been special to them as well is really something to be treasured. Also I cried onstage at my workplace.

THE END! I love you.


THE FOLD is at Top 200 Radio NOW!!

My last big priority of the year is kind of an outlier in Band Mom genre terms: they’re a totally fun power pop band with roots in Tooth & Nail Records, which I suspect will mean something really specific to many of you and nothing at all to others. But what you may not know about me is that I ALSO have similar roots: my first internship (in high school!) was with Relient K‘s record label (Gotee Records). I once traveled 5 hours to South Carolina during college to see Mae play with The Format, and once I got into a sold out show in Australia on Anberlin‘s guest list. I worked for Lovedrug‘s management company and spent late nights at Waffle Houses with Brandtson, House of Heroes and The Rocket Summer. If these names are ringing bells, this is a band for you FOR SURE. And if they’re not—take a chance! You might still like it! It’s super hooky pop music, the type that could (and has) fit in on Warped Tours but still most likely won’t make your mom mad, unless she gets mad at tattoos and haircuts (they’re not angry, whiny or depressed. Just fun!).




The fun-loving Chicago power pop band The Fold returns with new full-length LP Moving Past: a spirited call to embrace the future and to enjoy the journey. The Fold is melodic, catchy, humorous and entertaining but this new album adds a layer of lyrical maturity and infectious optimism. “Personally, I don’t see the point of picking up an instrument if what I’m saying doesn’t have a bigger purpose, a meaning,” lead singer Dan Castady explains. “When I look back on the songs of this album, each lyric, each note, each thought is straight from my heart…It wasn’t easy to expose it to the world, but I did it in an effort to make a meaningful connection to our listeners”.

Founding members Dan Castady (vocals), Matt Pittman (bass), George Castady (guitar), and Mark Rhodes (drums), in true DIY style, self-produced Moving Past and recorded at Chicago’s Groovemaster Recording Studios, using previous collaborator JR McNeely (MXPX, Paramore) to mix. Two singles from the LP, the upbeat “Moving Past” and heartfelt “Bye Bye Love”, will have video releases. An upcoming tour in support of Moving Past will be announced soon.

The Fold got their first break in 2006 when they signed a record deal with Tooth & Nail Records. But the journey didn’t stop there: their achievements include high profile tours with VANS Warped tours and Plain White T’s, a Grammy nomination in 2007 for their Secrets Keep You Sick album artwork, nearly 4 million views on their YouTube channel, as well as writing the theme songs for all 32 teams in the NFL, with featured theme songs in 2012 for Denver Broncos, LEGO Ninjago, Chicago Cubs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.

In a testament to The Fold’s great fan base, Moving Past, their second independent release, is fully fan-funded. In keeping with the album title’s theme (and the band’s keen sense of having fun), an all-ages album release party and video shoot will be held at the Orbit Skate Center in Chicago on November 3, 2013. The band plans to set-up in the middle of the rink and allow the skaters to circle them while performing. This is a band that cannot be stopped…and why would anyone want to?


RIYL: Mae, Anberlin, Fun., Jimmy Eat World

Start With: 7, 4, 10, 3     FCC CLEAN

Here’s a really nice video the band just released for “Bye Bye Love”, which was written by lead singer Dan about his daughter (awww):


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


CUMULUS is KILLING IT at Top 200 Radio!!!!

GUESS WHAT!! Cumulus is already my most successful radio campaign of the year, and it’s only in Week 3. There are so many reasons to love the Seattle band Cumulus, not the least of which is that they make completely delightful hooky-but-deep swirly ladyfronted pop music that was so good Chris Walla decided he needed to release it on his Trans– label. They just got off a humongo nationwide tour with their labelmates The Lonely Forest, which I had the privilege of catching at the Mercury Lounge in NYC, and now they are TEARING IT UP on the CMJ charts. On their Add date, 11/5, the album tied for #5 Most Added, and this past week it already made its debut at #98 on the Top 200. This week we’re gonna shoot for Top 50. Pretty sure we’re gonna crush that. I’m co-promoting this one with my friends at the Syndicate, so not only is this an album you’re just going to want to play the crap out of because of how great it is, it’s also an easy way to make two promoters happy at once by pushing it up yr charts!! YEAH!!!




Cumulus’s songs are a study in juxtapositions: delicate but powerful, specific but universal, naïve but knowing, and above all personal despite being steeped in the classic pop themes—love, loss, youth, wonder, disappointment, joy.

Trans- (Chris Walla‘s record label) releases Cumulus’ debut full-length, I Never Meant It To Be Like This, this autumn. The album, produced by the band at Phil Elverum‘s studio The Unknown in Anacortes, WA, is what Spin has called “an elegant, understated work of deftly flickering guitar pop,” and “a comforting rainy-day blanket.” We prefer to think of the record as a masterpiece in miniature—ten songs of expansive, explosive indie pop at whose epicenter are the indelible melodies and haunting twilight voice of singer/guitarist/songwriter Alexandra Niedzialkowski.

For reference: I Never Meant It To Be Like This places Cumulus squarely alongside contemporary acts like Best Coast, The Dum Dum Girls, and Tennis, while reaching back to a not-so-distant golden age of indie pop when good bands had hits, and the knack for wide-readership hooks (Elastica, Veruca Salt, Juliana Hatfield) and loud guitars (Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine‘s first album) didn’t preclude a heroic dose of delicacy (Heavenly, the Delgados, Velocity Girl, Tiger Trap). All of which is to say you could almost mistake Cumulus— who appear, let’s face it, pretty adorable—for twee if they didn’t rock so commandingly.


RIYL: Tennis, Best Coast, The Dum Dum Girls, Tiger Trap

Start With: 3, 1, 6, 2     FCC CLEAN

Here is a fantastic video from the summer for their first single, “Do You Remember”. Their next video, for “Hey Love”, will debut through KEXP this coming Friday (11/22):


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


Oh my goodness. This band is breathtaking. I can’t wait for you to hear (and also SEE! The packaging is gorgeous and handmade!) this record. It’s delicate, sensitive, complicated, beautiful folky music. They’re the kind of band I would have gladly spent years pursuing, but they happened to kind of just drop into my lap, when a pal who’s in The Lumineers introduced me to one of Spirits’ label’s owners, Macon Terry, who is incidentally also in the wonderful band Paper Bird. Also they had their tour kick-off show intersect with that other awesome tour I’m promoting, with Shenandoah Davis and Anthonie Tonnon, which is some pretty sweet serendipity but not entirely coincidence (these are worlds that overlap pretty heavily for sure). Oh and that bit about the Lumineers connection wasn’t just name-dropping; they’re a good reference point to tell you what kind of thing we’re in for here. As I once heard somebody put it: “Lumineers’ music is like starting on the journey, going up the mountain, but Spirits’ music is like after the journey, sitting around the campfire at the end of the night.” INTRIGUED?! READ ON!!!



Collectible Records

Spirits of the Red City present their sophomore LP, Jula.

Jula marks a first release for Denver label Collectible Records. Recorded by Kevin Ratterman in his Louisville studio La La Land, the album is the long-awaited follow-up LP to 2009′s Hunter Moon, which was lauded for its “airy intimacy and elegance… wistful themes and relatively spare orchestrations [and its] honesty and passion” (Robin Hilton, NPR’s All Songs Considered).

Where Hunter Moon excelled in showcasing the band’s unusual arrangements, Jula truly exceeds. With their signature combination of classical strings, experimental jazz percussion, and an arsenal of roots/folk instruments, Spirits of the Red City have created a rare sense of space. With sparing but deliberate use of their full lineup, they craft a sound that never seems either bare or overwhelming. And whether in calm croon, lilting lament, or yelling in desperation, songwriter Will Garrison maintains a breathless intensity that supports his humble, honest and intelligent poetry.

Though nearly all the members of Spirits of the Red City have at one time called Minneapolis their home, in the years since Hunter Moon‘s release all but Garrison have dispersed – to Alaska, California, Colorado, Michigan, and New York. Despite their geographic disparity, they have devotedly toured all around the States – performing in theaters and art galleries, backyards and basements, parks and caves, on farms and ocean piers. And while Garrison does most of his songwriting at home in Minneapolis, each song’s intricate orchestration is never fully realized until the ensemble is on the road. This process for the Spirits – the patience that carries relationships though months of distance, the yearning that builds, and the ecstasy of reunion – is what makes Jula a delicacy that was worth the wait.

Spirits of the Red City are on tour on the West Coast immediately following their September 24th release; tour dates are listed below.


RIYL: The Lumineers, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, Other Lives, Paper Bird

Start With: 2, 8, 6, 1     FCC CLEAN


9/25—San Francisco, CA—Corpus Callosum w/Shenandoah Davis, Anthonie Tonnon

9/26—Sacramento, CA—Bows and Arrows w/Sean Hayashi, Dead Western

9/27—Cottage Grove, OR—Axe & Fiddle w/Nick Jaina

9/28—Tacoma, WA—Warehouse Presents w/The Thoughts, You Are Plural

9/29—Olympia, WA—Guest House w/You Are Plural, Stephen Steinbrink

10/2—Bellingham, WA—Underground Coffee

10/3—Portland, OR—Information w/Nick Jaina, Luzelena Mendoza

10/4—Bend, OR—Tin Pan Theater w/Rural Demons

10/5—Davis, CA—Sophia’s Thai w/Robin Bacior

10/6—Bolinas, CA—Gospel Flat Farmstand w/Asia Wong, Emily Ritz

10/9—Santa Cruz, CA—Dorota w/Gembrokers

10/11—Merced, CA—Multicultural Arts Center w/Muralismo

10/12—San Francisco, CA—Viracocha w/Spectre, Muralismo


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


TEREU TEREU – QUADRANTS at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

GUYS!! This is the third Tereu Tereu project I’ve promoted!! Tereu Tereu is now officially the first (only, for now!) band that I have done not just one, not two, but THREE Band Mom radio campaigns for. Tereu Tereu is Band Mom family. They are grandfathered in. Other family stuff about my company name and my love for this band. Anyway the point is I have loved this band for a long time. But this is CLEARLY their best album yet! The first three tracks are improved versions of tracks you may recognize from the NW EP that I promoted in 2011, which are of course great, and then the rest is more-recently-written stuff that to me feels even more mature, like a band finally finding its own voice. The Dismemberment Plan/math rock influences of their earlier work are still there, but a little less so, and synthesized in with a new set of influences and a stronger sense of Ryan Little’s authorial voice. I can’t wait for you to hear it. It went for adds this past week (September 24) so now is the time to start (and continue) jamming it!!



Bad Friend Records

Pieced together from years of divergent recording sessions, Quadrants is a trip through the creative evolution of D.C.’s Tereu Tereu. Hopping from Matador Records guitar love to the moody minimalism of Portishead and Ninja Tune, the band pulls together dark grooves and pop melodies with a noisy burst of revelry. An adventurous exhibition of a band in flux, the album compiles Tereu Tereu’s finest songs to date.

The hooks are never easy, but the challenges always pay off. Love of ’90s indie rock pairs up with (re)visions of early post-punk, deep-seated anxieties resound inside interstellar echoes, heavy grooves undulate beneath shimmering melodies, drums make love to guitars, computers and humans coexist, and we all just hope to survive the digital era.

After years of independently producing bright, noisy pop, Tereu Tereu changed shape. Now a duo comprised of Ryan Little and Brendan Polmer, the band plays a dark breed of disjointed rock. Founded in 2006 as a two-piece, the band switched line-ups several times over the years and has since returned to its roots, albeit with a different drummer and a heavier sound. The duo incorporates samples, loops, and electronics into their pared-down rock aesthetic, toying with laptop-assisted ambiance and Tuareg-inspired guitar work. So far, the band has released a few EPs and an album, toured through much of the Eastern half of America, and played shows with bands like Ra Ra Riot and The Dismemberment Plan. Quadrants is their second full-length album.


RIYL: Dismemberment Plan, Portishead, mewithoutYou, Silversun Pickups

Start With: 8, 5, 6     FCC: 3 (CLEAN EDIT AVAILABLE)

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


Anthonie Tonnon (Tono) is ON TOUR NOW!!

You may remember Anthonie Tonnon from the Band Mom’s highly successful radio campaign slightly less than one year ago for his album Up Here For Dancing, by his awesome New Zealand band Tono and the Finance Company, which peaked at #136 among 3 total weeks on CMJ’s Top 200. He’s been busy since then, touring all over the place and working on new recordings, now under his own name instead of the band moniker. And now he’s coming back to tour these United States (along with another Band Mom legacy artist, Shenandoah Davis!), and he’d love to meet you! All the necessary info should be in those corresponding links that say “info” in the list below, and then there’s an even more complete list including some house shows and such in this here facebook event!

This is NOT a CMJ charting campaign; there is no push to “add” Anthonie Tonnon tracks officially into your station’s rotation or on any official charts (all I sent out with the email tour announcement was a link to the top 3 most played tracks from the campaign plus one new track to represent his new work), although especially if you didn’t already spin the album to death last year (or if you did and you’re dying for the new track), you’re welcome to contact me for a download link, spin it and tell me what you think. But more immediately important: if you’re a radio rep in his path and can make it to a show or would like to cover one, please contact me for ticket hookups, or especially for interview or instudio opportunities with Anthonie Tonnon!

Anthonie Tonnon Fall 2013 Tour Dates (full tour info link here)

9/21 Seattle, WA - The Comet Tavern (info) 9PM 21+w/Shenandoah Davis, Tomten & Jordan O’Jordan

10/3 Los Angeles, CA - Genghis Cohen (info) 7:30PM w/ Shenandoah Davis & Johanna Chase

10/10 Albuquerque, NM - Low Spirits w/ Shenandoah Davis & Samuel Miller

10/12 Colorado Springs, CO - Fuel/Friends (info) w/ Shenandoah Davis

10/16 Denver, CO - Hi Dive (tix) 8pm $8 21+ w/ Shenandoah Davis, Princess Music & Natalie Tate

10/17 Ames, IA - Punk Rock Paradise w/ Shenandoah Davis & Paul Doffing

10/19 Columbia, MO - The Dome (info) w/ Shenandoah Davis

10/21 Minneapolis, MN - Aster Cafe River Room w/ Shenandoah Davis

10/24 Chicago, IL - Comfort Station w/ Shenandoah Davis

10/25 Quad Cities, IL - Rozz-Toxx (venue link) w/ Shenandoah Davis

10/28 Brooklyn, NY - Pete’s Candy Store (venue link)

10/29 Brooklyn, NY - Paper Box (venue link)


Anthonie Tonnon grew up in Dunedin, a university city at the bottom of New Zealand’s colder, less populated South Island. He started Tono and the Finance Company a generation after the city’s explosion of alternative bands – like The Clean, The Bats and The Verlaines, and labels like Flying Nun and Xpressway – at a time when new bands there seemed destined to work in the shadow of the 80s and early 90s. But despite taking an influence from The Verlaines in particular, and their US contemporaries like Pavement, Tonnon’s songwriting quickly moved in a narrative, character-focused direction with more in common with North Island bands like The Muttonbirds and Lawrence Arabia, American cult acts like Jonathan Richman, The Magnetic Fields, or Randy Newman, and British alternative bands of the same period, particularly Pulp, Morrissey and Billy Bragg. What set Tonnon apart was his knack of finding something universal while drawing the detail of a specific place.

 When Tonnon finally brought his Tono and the Finance Company project to the United States in Autumn 2012, he wasn’t fronting the dramatic, Pulp-esque five-piece that toured with Beirut in his native New Zealand earlier in the year. It was in the humbler guise of an electric guitar wielding solo act, in much the style of his hero, Jonathan Richman. But that is not to understate what is a formidable achievement for a man making music as far away from home as one can get.

Returning home, in November of 2012, Anthonie Tonnon went through a small reinvention: he booked a show under his own name, in a small bar in his hometown of Dunedin. Since then, he’s toured his home country twice with his new band, released a solo cassette tape of new songs, and toured New Zealand and Australia relentlessly with a rapidly developing one-man show on guitar and piano.

Now, as he arrives in the States for a second time, to tour with Shenandoah Davis, he brings with him a new set of songs from a soon to be released album, and a show that injects a gritty social realism with the dramatic, surprising and surreal.

Tonnon is available for in-studio performances and interviews along the length of his upcoming tour route.

Woo!! Contact me for interview or instudio opportunities with Anthonie Tonnon!

TIE THESE HANDS – COME ON Going for Top 200 Adds Now!!!

I met the Nebraska band Tie These Hands through my fellow like-minded sometime promoter/station rep/pal Nina, so it was easy to know that I’d want to work with these guys that already had her seal of approval. And they haven’t let me down! This band features 3 brothers, including a set of identical twins, and they remind me a lot of early Death Cab for Cutie, among other things. They’d also fit in pretty well with a lot of fellow Nebraskans Saddle Creek‘s roster, doing their home state proud. The album’s going for adds this week (7/16), and I had more hard copies than I often do so basically every station I’m at all aware of out there got one this time, so you’ve got no excuses – get on it, radio!!




Tie These Hands are based out of Lincoln, NE, and came to be when identical twins Aram and Naum Stauffer were in high school. A 2002 debut album was followed by a split release on Redemption Records, then a bit of a lull as life circumstances intervened (and additional member and Stauffer brother Seth did some tracking on The Good Life‘s record Album of the Year). In 2006 the band was approached by a promoter friend from Springfield, MO who was starting a label and wanted them for an album, so in 2007 they were joined by current member Ryan Phillips and released We Work Out on Workers Unite! Records. In 2011 they were contacted by Kilk Records in Japan, who in October of 2012 put out the full-length album, Come On, which they are now self-releasing in the U.S.

Come On was partially recorded in an old group home, using a guitar that survived a house burning down, and engineered by AJ Mogis of Criteria and Lullaby for the Working Class. It is about change, choices, free will, and women.


RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Weakerthans, Say Hi, Built To Spill, The Good Life

Start With: 5, 2, 11, 3     FCC CLEAN

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


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