Jenn Misko has a deeply rooted love of college/non-commercial radio. After spending time as dj then music director of her college’s radio station (WAKE Radio, Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC) and a radio promoter at Fanatic Promotion in NYC, as well as experience in several other aspects of the music industry (record label, concert promotion, artist/tour management, venue booking, venue box office/stage management, freelance writing), in early 2009 she decided to strike out on her own. Based in Brooklyn through 2013 and now from Seattle, and working with a very selective roster to ensure maximum personal attention to and success with each artist, The Band Mom is your new favorite boutique radio promotion company.

Jenn/The Band Mom has been nominated for two awards at annual CMJ Music Marathons: “Biggest Ray of Sunshine” (2009) and “Specialty Promoter of the Year” (2010), which in part also refers to the RPM promotion work she has done as a freelancer for the company LIFT. She also served as a panelist (during “Music Industry One-On-Ones” breakout sessions) for the CMJ “College Day On Tour” event in Portland OR in November 2015, and on a panel titled “Career Intensive 101: Exploring the Industry” during the Mondo.NYC conference in NYC in October 2017. She was also profiled in an Industry Interview on the Community page of NACC (the charting authority/defacto central hub of the college/community-radio music biz after the collapse of CMJ) in January 2018.

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