writing, etc

aside from radio promotion and my sundry other band mom duties, i’ve got a few other side projects you might find interesting:



Cinecliq: film reviewer for website of VOD platform (alt/old aggregate link):

Termite film review

The Anna Cabrini Chronicles film review

Nothing Special film review

Smoking/Non-Smoking film review

0s and 1s film review (alt link 1) (alt link 2)

Ballroom Dancer film review (alt link 1) (alt link 2)

Mermaid film review (alternate link)

The Grandmaster film review (alternate link)

PopMatters: film/TV/DVD review contributor:

The Extra Man dvd review

Best Films of 2010 blurb (blurb for #22, Cyrus)

Best TV of 2010 blurb (blurb for #20, “Archer”)

Best Independent International films of 2010 blurb (blurb for #7, Mother; also seen at #11 in separate list)

Best Independent International films of 2010 blurb  (blurb for #14, Four Lions)

Best DVDs of 2010 blurb (blurb for #29, Scott Pilgrim vs the World)

Best DVDs of 2010 blurb (blurb for #35, Mystery Team)

Three And Out dvd review

Revolucion film review

Meek’s Cutoff film review

The Tripwire (now consolidated into The Fader): review/photo contributor:

Casiontone for the Painfully Alone – Vs Children album review (alternate link) (whoops, thanks Internet: Wayback Machine link)








WHY? – Alopecia album review (alternate link)

The Mountain Goats – “Sax Rohmer #1” music video blurb (alternate link)

Subtle, Zach Hill, Pattern is Movement concert review (alternate link)




Bodies of Water – A Certain Feeling album review (alternate link)

Starfucker – s/t album review (alternate link)



KEXP [i’m currently inactive but still totally on board]: John in the Morning DJ Assistant – listen in on 90.3 fm (Seattle) or http://kexp.org/ from 9a-1p: there was the chance to catch me in the background at those times broadcasting from Brooklyn in 2008-09.

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