Yo dudes!

So, something important is going on that I need to tell the internet about. The very first record that I am promoting all on my lonesome, my flagship Band Mom band, is THIS CLOSE to making the CMJ charts!! Or should I say really, this close! It is so close!!

Last week it had more stations charting it than a couple of records that DID make the chart – it was just the logistics of how the CMJ system works that kept it off. This week I think is really the week…WE CAN DO THIS, you guys!!

In case a new EP from this band wasn’t quite interesting enough, they’ve been keeping things fresh lately by slowly releasing tracks as a part of their “Live at Trash Bar” series over on their blog! Trash Bar is a spot in Brooklyn where they played recently, and these tracks are all otherwise unrecorded, unreleased brand new songs. You should check them out! They smartly put up “Heart Out” just in time for Valentine’s day, and this week saw the release of “Grounded”. Feel free to check it out either over there on their blog, or by right-click-save-link-as-ing on the single’s excellent cover art below:

Nice, right?? Congrats to these guys for keeping it moving.

ANYWAY, here’s what you can do to help my big serious push this week:

Obviously, if you’re a music director of a college/non-comm radio station, the easiest thing would be to just CHART THE RECORD THIS WEEK! If you were considering it at all on this album, let’s all pull together at once: now is the time!!!

Of course if you don’t feel comfortable enough with the level of spins it’s getting to chart it, that is okay – HIDDEN PEOPLE WEEK means different things to different stations, and maybe to you it just means time to give it a serious listen, finally. Feedback is just about equally important to this band as chart numbers, after all. Or maybe you know of a DJ or two who would probably get pretty into it but hasn’t checked it out yet – now is the time to point them in this direction! Or if this burst of girly post-punk goodness is somehow still languishing in a review pile, this is the week to get it checked out and into rotation! See. I’m not going to be too hard on you. I just want to make sure the jams are getting heard!

Of course, you might not be a music director of a radio station. If you’re connected to one at all, this is the week to play this band, or tell your friends to! And if you’re not, I can guarantee you there is at least one station nearby that I mailed this record to – call/email/IM to request it!! Seriously, that works.

I think that’s about all I’ve got to say for right now…obviously, this is rather important to me. If everybody just pitches in a tiny bit this week, we can make this a pretty big deal – both for me and for Hidden People, who really deserve this!

Okay. I’ll be back to bloggin’ about movie stars and dogs on kiddie rides in no time, don’t you worry. But for now, LET’S DO THIS, COLLEGE RADIO!!



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