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JEN AYERS – SHE SAID is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

This is a special album – in fact, it is a concept album, telling the true story of what happened in Jen’s marriage when her partner came out as trans. That’s what’s up with that odd capitalization in the title (SHe Said) – it’s not a typo! It’s a very nice story about finding identity and love winning. Told in like a musical theater-type style (think Hedwig and the Angry Inch) – which makes sense, because in fact this IS a live theatrical production as well, debuting in Seattle on 10/6! (If you’re in the PNW and interested in coming out to/covering/promoting that show, please do hit me up!!) There are two tracks on this album on which Jen’s partner Graham takes lead vox, and those two tracks remind me pretty strongly of The Velvet Underground – the rest, with Jen on lead, fall somewhere between Amanda Palmer and Fiona Apple on the strong/theatrical-lady-singer spectrum. I can’t wait to hear what you think – and to see this show live!




SHe Said is a concept album and theatrical production about identity and transition. Eight years ago, Jen’s partner came out as transgender, which led to an unexpected journey of self – as individuals, as a couple, and as parents of an 8-year-old. Jen turned to her piano where SHe Said was born – a 21st century love story that deals with the impact of gender identity on a family and couple who transition together. Spoiler: Love prevails.

The double album encompasses Ayers’ signature blend of piano-driven 70’s soul/pop meets rock-n-roll with dynamic, soaring vocals and is a nod to classic rock operas (The Wall, Tommy) and gender-bending musicals (Hedwig). The result: epic, heart-wrenching headphone candy. Producer Jeff Fielder (Tekla Waterfield, Mark Lanegan, Indigo Girls) managed to capture Jen in a bottle over a year-long, pandemic collaboration – seamlessly bringing together her retro influences with a fresh twist and nods to the circus.

A vocal dynamo, pianist, songwriter and recording artist, Jen Ayers and her guitarist husband formed Seattle indie alt-rock band Honey Tongue, playing thousands of shows across the U.S., including the NACA college circuit, high-profile festivals (Bumbershoot, Summerfest) and prestigious music conference showcases (SXSW, Nashville, EAT’M-Las Vegas, Canada’s New Music West). The band released 3 albums, securing licensing deals, worldwide radio play and regular rotation on SiriusXM. Hot on the tail of Honey Tongue’s success, Jen released her first solo album, Every Day is a Parade.

Jen’s powerhouse vocals and electric performances have earned invitations to sing the National Anthem at NBA/MLB games nationwide, and share the stage with members of Heart, REM, Pearl Jam-most recently appearing with Dave Matthews at Seattle’s Moore Theater for SMASH. She’s “delivered mind-bending vocals” in House Of Thee Unholy, Led-Zeppelin inspired Broadway-level burlesque and at the circus, Teatro ZinZanni, performing Honey Tongue’s I Wanna Go in her debut & starring in six more productions.

RIYL: Amanda Palmer, Lady Gaga, Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac, Velvet Underground, St. Vincent,

Classic concept albums like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, The Who’s Tommy, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Start With: 3, 5, 7

FCC: 11

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

YES, OH YES – YES, OH YES is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

The joyous chaos of Yes, Oh Yes is officially, finally, out in the world!! This is a release being put out by a dear friend of mine, Tyrel from The Terrordactyls. It’s a bit of a reissue, in this way: he’s collected every song this band ever recorded, back in the early-mid aughts, remastered them, and put them all onto one album for the first time ever. So this self-titled album is not exactly a re-release, it’s a brand-new release, and it’s full of songs that have at least somewhat seen the light of day before in other versions (all but one, which was never released before this), but they’ve all got a slightly shiny new production value to them, so it really is a new release. Not too shiny, though: this is a DIY band best known for their raucous basement shows in the Pacific Northwest, and these tracks definitely capture that spirit. A thing I always loved about this band is their optimism in the face of staggering odds, and their unrelentingly altruistic community spirit. They’re songs I put on when I’d like to yell in my car and also feel a little bit better about the world. I can’t wait to hear what you think!




Yes, Oh Yes was founded by two friends in Bellingham, Washington during the fall of 2005. Drummer Kellen Rack and songwriter Jordan Morris began started out playing a few house shows before teaming up with eccentric guitar player Aaron Khawaja, and lone-wolf bassist (who had never touched a bass before) Michael Molvar, forming a four-piece collective.
The quartet quickly fleshed out the original set of songs and put out an EP: The End, recorded in a Bellingham apartment, and featuring backing vocals by friends, rivals, and Jordan’s now ex-wife. The five songs on the EP recording defined Yes, Oh Yes in the Pacific Northwest for years to come (well, sadly, only two years). They found a niche in the West Coast DIY music scene and toured the country playing live shows in basements, backyards, bathrooms, and parking lots. While the shows were often chaotic and fraught with technical problems, there was a powerful energy and a strong positive message that resonated with their growing number of fans.
In 2007, Yes, Oh Yes built on that support from their friends, fans, and music community and recorded Social Science, a 7” record. Put out on Don’t Stop Believin’ Records, this 7” marked a new chapter for the band, featuring accompanying strings, a drum machine, and more personal songwriting. Unfortunately, that same chaotic energy that defined the band’s success would ultimately be their demise. A long-planned national tour was upended by personal conflict, and the band swiftly fell apart. Like so many fleeting joys, Yes, Oh Yes was over as quickly as it had begun.
Those who were able to see Yes, Oh Yes during their brief time still remember the sweaty shows packed into small apartment bedrooms, screaming along at the top of their lungs. All that remains, other than this outstanding collection of songs (ten tracks reissued here for their first time as one package), is the gum in the carpet.

RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, The Unicorns, Menomena, Wolf Parade, Matt & Kim, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Start With: 5, 4, 9


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

SCARVES – DELICATE CREATURES is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

If you’ve been around for a while then you already know these guys (this is not the second, but the third album of theirs I’ve worked!), but if not, this record’s a great introduction. Blending Midwest emo and 90s indie influences with a bit of mathy stuff and a healthy dose of pop punk, Scarves wear their poetic heart on their sleeve in a really appealing way. And for their first time, this record was produced by Brandon Eggleston, who’s worked with Modest Mouse, Wye Oak, The Mountain Goats, and more, so ya know it’s got something special! I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one. But don’t wait for a hard copy – it’s download only. So (assuming you’re a station rep who gets my emails, of course) snag that download right away!



Good Eye Records

What should an artist release into the world in a time of collective darkness? Niko Stathakopoulos, of the Seattle,WA outfit Scarves, grappled with this question as he roamed his neighborhood during the heart of both the pandemic and the election cycle, penning the lyrics for what would become the group’s newest record, Delicate Creatures. What was initially a dire batch of songs soon morphed into a vivid portrayal of the unlikely optimism that emerges within humankind as it buckles beneath the weight of the world.

With each track, Scarves tells relatable, yet distorted anecdotes through a sheen of pop melodies and lush production, a taut thread of unease surfacing in each perfectly dissonant guitar line, in each melancholic turn of Stathakopoulos’ voice. In the act of distilling the collective dread into the vibrant indie-rock chapters that make up Delicate Creatures, Scarves finds the optimism that we perhaps all need. By breaking open the prosaic moments in life—awful wine, obligatory haircuts, worn out T-shirts—Scarves honors the anxiety we all share, as well as our ability to keep pushing against the weight in even the smallest ways. The result is a record that revives the creative spirit of late 90’s bands like Built to Spill and Pavement, while crackling to life with the idiosyncratic highs and lows of today.

Delicate Creatures was produced and engineered by Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse, Wye Oak) at Bocce Recording and Pet Cemetary studios in Vancouver Washington. It features Niko Stathakopoulos (Guitar, Vocals, Casio Keyboard), Nessa Grasing (Guitars, Vocals), and Elijah Sokolov (Drums, Bass, Keys, Piano). Scarves has been a growing presence in the Seattle scene over the last five years, headlining many shows and performing at Bumbershoot music festival, as well as opening for acts such as Deerhoof, The Dodos, PUP, and more. The band has been featured on A.V. Club and has made multiple appearances at Paste Magazine’s Daytrotter Sessions.

“Charismatic, inviting, instantly essential. I love this album”
– Chris Walla (formerly of Death Cab for Cutie)

RIYL: PUP, Ezra Furman, Built to Spill, American Football, Cursive

Start With: 2, 3, 7

FCC: 1, 5

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!
@scarvesmusic everywhere else!

BRITTANY DANIELLE – HINDSIGHT is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

A chanteuse hailing from Tacoma, WA (just down the road from me here in Seattle!), I was introduced to Brittany via our mutual pal, the wonderful Tekla Waterfield! I’d describe her sound as funky, defiantly feminist, and fun; I find Sara Bareilles, Lake Street Dive, and The Band Mom’s own Halley Greg to be especially strong RIYL touchstones. Give it a listen and please let me know what you think! I blessedly did have a pretty large number of hard copies to send out, so basically if I know your station is currently active (and I don’t know that you prefer downloads), you’ve probably got one waiting there for you; I’d like to point out that it comes in plastic wrap you don’t want to throw out, not like your typical annoying shrink wrap, because the “case” the CD comes in turns out unfortunately to just be like basically a cardboard CD case-shaped folder, nothing there to hold it in place, so do hang onto that plastic to keep it all together in!




With songs that sound like Top 40 hits but read like tarot cards, Tacoma, WA-based Brittany Danielle creates compositions that touch on opposite sides of the spectrum. On Danielle’s debut ten song LP, Hindsight, many of the tracks were born from the pandemic and the song exercises that kept Danielle sane throughout. Woven together with truths about her mental health (and its own unraveling), the songs represent growth and new connections.

Brittany Danielle is a lifelong piano player with a graduate degree in music, piano performance, and jazz. Born with a love of music and an obsession with Ray Charles from the Pepsi commercials, she pursued piano as her main instrument; first starting with classical and veering off into soul, funk, and jazz studies. This path rounded out her understanding of music and the many forms it took. Add those experiences to playing in churches, electronic bands, rock bands, choirs, and big bands, and Brittany’s eclectic experiences have boiled down into her own style of writing that is uniquely hers, with lyrics focusing on the attitude of someone who won’t back down or give in to adversity.

RIYL: Sara Bareilles, Emily King, Lake Street Dive, Fiona Apple, Allen Stone, Halley Greg

Start With: 5, 10, 4


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

SIV DISA – DREAMHOUSE is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

I’m excited to share my final new add for 2021, which is an artist coming to us from Iceland!! To make sure I can’t be accused of false advertising, I’ll clarify that she’s an American woman (of Asian/mixed-race ancestry who identifies as bisexual, for those of you looking to prioritize BIPOC, femme, and/or queer artists) who just happens to have been living in Iceland for the past few years, but still. She’s an international artist and you can’t convince me otherwise!! Her record label (Trapped Animal) is based in the UK so that makes this a Certifiable International Release FOR SURE. Very exciting (to me at least)!! And yes that is in fact her actual human name, not like a made-up band name or anything: in case those are names unfamiliar to you as they were to me, “Siv” is pronounced with a long EE sound – like “Steve” without the T. “Disa” has a long I sound – like “Dye-sa”. Actually I have a recording of her pronouncing it herself for us, so nice of her to do: check that out here!

Anyway I haven’t even started describing the music yet: this album is arranged in a really interesting way that’s intended to be split up as an “A side” (tracks 1-5) and a “B side” (tracks 4-9), as a vinyl release. The “A side” I would describe as pop singles sliding into a cool kinda trip-hop influence; then the “B side” features much more downtempo chill vibes. I love tracks from both parts! But in my (strong) opinion the major jam on this record is the centerpiece, track 5, “Sorry” – and Siv agrees; in fact she made a lil radio edit for us to make it even MORE major! (It just cuts down about a minute of the length to make it a lil more short-attention-span radio-friendly; it is not a language/lyric edit, as that is not necessary, this whole album is already FCC Clean!) I’ve got that edit included in my download link which is available to radio station reps – I did have a fairly solid number of hard copies of this album to send out, so if we’ve been in touch basically this year at all (and I don’t know that you prefer downloads), you’ve probably got one waiting at the station for you, but you’re always welcome to hit me up for that download as well!



Trapped Animal

Siv Disa is an American recording and video artist currently based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Prior to this, she spent time performing with her band in NYC under the name “Siv Disa and the Sea Divers”. This led to a monthly residency at Bowery Electric in 2019, a self-released EP Waltzes, and performances at festivals such as Sidewalk Antifolk Fest and Club Passim’s Campfire Festival. Drawing the interest of UK’s Trapped Animal, she next released two singles: “Moths” and “Fear” on their label, and now releases her debut album with Trapped Animal in 2021.
Her songs draw inspiration from the worlds of both pop and contemporary classical, combining vivid lyricism and surreal imagery with complex harmonic ideas. Influences include Fiona Apple, Bjork, Dmitri Shostakovich, Sofia Gubaidulina, and Portishead. Visually, she is inspired by the surrealist films of Yorgos Lanthimos, Charlie Kaufman, and Michel Gondry: she personally created the visual art and videos for this project, as well as the music.
“Siv Disa’s musical style is unmistakable; minor chords and dissonant sounds give her songs a haunting feel, while her warm, soft voice invites the listener into even the darkest of stories.” – Audiofemme
psychedelic pop that converges the encompassing textures of Broadcast with Joanna Newsom’s pleasantly off-kilter melodies” – The Line of Best Fit
“Siv” is pronounced with a long EE sound—like “Steve” without the T.
“Disa” has a long I sound—like “Dye-sa”.
Siv Disa identifies as a bisexual, cisgender, Asian-American woman who uses she/her pronouns.
Producer and album collaborator Sam (aka artist Sam and the Sea) identifies as bisexual and non-binary (they/them pronouns).

RIYL: Bjork, Japanese Breakfast, Fiona Apple, Solange, Blonde Redhead, Portishead, Broadcast, Massive Attack

Start With: 5, 3, 6

FCC CLEAN (radio edit of “Sorry” included in download is shorter; no swears in either version)

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


After several releases in a row this year where I was promoting albums to genre charts (Electronic or Folk) alongside the general Top 200 panel, I’ve finally got one that’s just solidly in my more rock-forward usual wheelhouse. I actually first met Sam Russell through fellow Band Mom artist Tekla Waterfield, back when Tek and I were living together as housemates. It’s a very sweet lil Band Mom family reunion going on here this fall!! A lot of Sam’s music falls into the kind of poetic hard-livin’ jams you might expect from The Hold Steady or Bruce Springsteen, but you can also hear some definite 90s-rock influences a la Pavement and Built to Spill, and even some cool doo-wop vibes spilling over into the mix. I’m excited for you to hear it!

There are a bunch of swears on the retail version of this album, but don’t worry – Sam graciously had some very pro-sounding radio edits done, to which I listened several times to make sure nothing was missed, and that’s the version (100% clean) that’s included in my download link. (Yes, even the clean version does have a track called “Orgy Dorm”, but it’s actually not dirty or explicit at all, unless you simply can’t say the word “orgy” on the air at your station lol.) Actually BOTH versions (clean and FCC dirty) were included in the CDs that got mailed out – radio edits on the disc in front, but then open up the package a lil more and there’s the regular disc with swears hidden behind it (the clean one is clearly marked). An absolute wealth of content! This is some great stuff, and I’m so happy to finally get to work with this longtime pal!



KMV London

For 15 years, Sam Russell & the Harborrats have quietly transformed into a Seattle institution, fusing together Americana roots music, vintage doo-wop and classic PNW indie into a “rock n’ roll cabaret” presentation to celebrate the form’s majesty along with its direct honesty in equal breaths of theatrical display. They return now with Ocean Shores, their first full-length album in 9 years.

Started before and completed during lockdown of 2020, Ocean Shores presents itself as a handbook for getting through crises and panic while still being present in the world at large. Largely inspired by and written as a conversational response to Loose Wing’s self-titled 2018 album (written by Claire Tucker), Ocean Shores also serves as a homage to Sam’s 90s indie-rock influences of Pavement, Guided by Voices & early Wilco with sprinkles of 70s AM Gold and 60s British Invasion while marking a new era of the band exploring musical spaces for new revelations come.

Sam was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin as the son of a preacher man, growing up listening primarily to Christian Rock & oldies radio. The latter exposed Sam to his initial diverse influences of Roy Orbison, Motown, 60s garage-rock & Memphis soul. From 2006 to 2012, Sam released 6 albums collectively known as The Blue Moon Bible, which offered a wide stylistic range of material and an even larger rotating cast of musicians known as The Harborrats.

Recording for Ocean Shores was completed just before lockdown of March 2020 and the album was mixed the following summer and spring. The song “The Kenosha Kid” (written about the Rodney King beating and the LA Riots from a naïve white suburban adolescence’s POV) took on excruciating new resonance in August of 2020 as Sam’s hometown was on fire in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake. As a response to this tragic yet all-too common incident, as well as the first half of 2020 and the prior four years of political nightmares, Sam wrote a spoken-word piece for each of the songs on Ocean Shores and recorded each as a free-verse recitation over each corresponding song’s backing track. The spoken-word pieces comprise “The Kenosha Kid” album, available only as a bonus disc with the Ocean Shores retail version of the CD.  

In August 2021, a final bonus track was recorded for the album, “Apocalypse (Turn to the Moon)” a reimagining of The Foghorns’ “Apocalypse (for Alan Wilson)” and sung as a duet with Ocean Shores’ main source of inspiration, Claire Tucker, and serving as a new epilogue to the album.

Sam & the Harborrats will celebrate the release of Ocean Shores at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle on 10/27/21 and will tour through late 2021-2022 at venues practicing vaccination & mask requirements.

RIYL: Wolf Parade, The Hold Steady, Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, Pavement, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, The Replacements

Start With: 12, 10, 2, 5

FCC CLEAN (download version/disc for radio is 100% CLEAN EDITS)

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

TEKLA WATERFIELD – NEW SKIES is at Top 200 and Folk Radio Now!!!

My history with Tekla goes back a few years, to my second year as a Seattle resident where we were actually housemates! Lucky me!! I would have wanted to know her and work with her as a musician anyway, so I really caught the prime end of that deal getting that kinda “in”. She’s a really wonderful person and her music really communicates her warm, loving, empathetic spirit, in styles that range from folk/country to pop/rock. If you don’t like the track you’re listening to, try the next, there’s a lot going on in here! Her husband is also heavily involved with this album’s production: that’s Jeff Fielder, who’s played in the touring bands of Mark Lanegan and Amy Ray/Indigo Girls among many others. Really good stuff!! I’m going for Folk charts along with Top 200 ones for this beauty!




Coming off the heels of the success of her earlier 2021 release, Trouble In Time (a collaboration with husband and musical partner, Jeff Fielder), New Skies encompasses Tekla Waterfield’s signature blend of stripped down folk (“Can’t Move On”), classic country (“Love Comes Along”, a duet featuring Luke Abbott), folk/pop (album title track, “New Skies”), pop/rock (“Come On Jane”, “Mr. Browntown”), and R&B/soul-tinged (“Yesterday Was A Bad Day” & “Lie Lie Lie”): resulting in a diverse sound unified by Tekla’s distinctively smooth vocals and point-of-view storytelling. Brimming with playful, contemplative, and uplifting energy, New Skies is Waterfield’s third solo LP, with plenty of help from Pacific-Northwest talent including Jeff Fielder, Andy Stoller & Daniel Walker of Heart, Ryan Burns & Eric Eagle, with recording and production made possible by the Artist Residency Programs at Jack Straw Cultural Center.
Seattle-based Tekla Waterfield self-released one album before establishing a life-changing partnership with her powerhouse multi-instrumentalist/producer husband, Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan, Amy Ray, Indigo Girls). The two have co-produced Waterfield’s second solo LP, The Curtain Falls, and their debut duo record, Trouble In Time, both of which received radio play nationally and internationally as well as critical acclaim. Fielder returns on New Skies as producer, multi-instrumentalist and more.

RIYL: Laura Veirs, Jenny Lewis, Bedouine, Aldous Harding, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Alison Krauss

Start With: 3, 6, 9, 2                  


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

BAD BUSINESS CLUB – NAKED NEIGHBOR is at Top 200 and Electronic Radio Now!!!

This record is such a fun jammer! These guys are putting out extremely chill fun poolside vibes, in the form of some funky danceable nu-disco-meets-yacht-rock. A little unusual for a Band Mom release kinda style, but I can get down with those fun chill dance floor vibes!! This 8-tracks-long album unfortunately didn’t have any hard copies (CDs of this release simply don’t exist), so if you’re a radio station rep, make sure you’ve downloaded it, as this is a digital-only release!! Or if you somehow haven’t gotten the link yet (and you’re the music director or equivalent position at your college/non-comm radio station), please do hit me up! Can’t wait to hear what you think. I’m shooting for both Top 200 and Electronic charts on this one, as it’s totally appropriate for both dance floors and poolside chillout lounging, so I’m excited to hear where you think it fits best in your life!



Bunnyman Bridge Records

Bad Business Club is a Nu-Disco collective with some old-school Yacht Rock touches. All Things Go said of their debut EP that it has “style that will take some back to the late 70’s, with harmonies larger than life that can bring arena shows to those humble headphones.” The group is primarily influenced by classic Giorgio Moroder-style Disco, and modern daytime disco al la Poolside and Miami Horror, while combining the harmonic influences of Yacht Rock. Their smooth sound transports listeners to another place, to summer breezes and early morning champagne. They’ve also been known to collaborate with electronic artists like Midnight Magic, Woolfy, and James Curd to help get the dance floor by the pool. They are also the hosts of the Imbibe the Vibe podcast, where they combine classic cocktails with a different music genre every month.

RIYL: Chromeo, Poolside, Midnight Magic, Miami Horror, YACHT, Pet Shop Boys

Start With: 2, 7, 1                  


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


  • Nov 20th: Bowery Electric, NYC
  • Dec 18th: Bowery Electric, NYC
  • Jan 8th, 2022: The Pie Shop, Washington DC
  • Jan 22, 2022: Bowery Electric, NYC

NEGATIVLAND – NO BRAIN EP is at Top 200 and Electronic Radio Now!!!

If you’ve been around the scene for a long time, you know these guys are absolute freaking legends, titans of the sound-collage genre, coiners of the term “culture jamming”, once even sued by U2. But even if you’ve only been a part of college radio for a year or two hopefully you at least remember them from the last two campaigns I ran for their two most recent albums! Can’t believe how lucky I am to get to do a third. This one is not a full album, but rather a lil EP intended to complement those last two, a capper on this whole thing as a larger interconnected project. It fits in with True False and The World Will Decide quite nicely as a thematic and aesthetic set!

Also, tour!!! Negativland is finally hitting the road after a long pandemic wait, hitting the Northwest in September and the Southwest in November. Dates are below – if you’re in their path and would like to do something about it (come out to a show? Have them stop by the station or call in for an interview? Give away tix?) I would love to hook you up – just drop me a line!

I don’t have any CD copies of this EP unfortunately, they don’t exist – so if you’re a radio station rep, make sure you download it, and if you somehow got this far on my website but aren’t getting my emails (and you’re the music director or equivalent position at your college/non-comm radio station), please do hit me up!



Seeland Records

Four songs in just under nine minutes: what do they have in common? They’ve got NO BRAIN, and they’re the new vinyl EP from your grandparents in NEGATIVLAND. No Brain is a conceptual continuation of the interconnected Negativland albums True False and The World Will Decide.

Just as all those decades of Media Literacy courses finally seemed to be sinking in, along came Social Media to scramble our lines of sight on where all these voices are really coming from.  Every tactic we modern citizens used to resist the one-way feeds of Broadcast Media — from skepticism, to research, to signal jamming — is just as easily used against us in today’s all-way environment.  The four songs on this record juxtapose the voices of media experts from the ancient 90’s with voices culled from the modern landscape of Social — from the users still operating under the old rules, to the rationalizations of tech CEOs making billions off the software that’s eaten them.  How does one follow the money on a free platform?  Who’s got the megaphone? Can non-sequiturs exist?  What takes less time to update: a website’s auction to determine which ads are being loaded onto your page, or your own perceptual mechanism making a call on everything you don’t need to know?

All of this and more, made hypnotically catchy through Negativland’s time-honored use of Funny Noises and Weird Beats and including guest artist Prairie Prince (The Tubes, Byrne/Eno, XTC) on drums, could be coming soon to a nervous system that is You.


Since 1980, the 4 or 5 or 6 (or more) Floptops known as Negativland, a multimedia collective originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, have been creating records, CDs, video, fine art, books, radio and live performance using appropriated sounds, images, objects, and text. Mixing original materials and original music with things taken from corporately owned mass culture and the world around them, Negativland surreally re-arrange these found bits and pieces to make them say and suggest things that they never intended to. In doing this kind of cultural archaeology and “culture jamming” (a term they coined way back in 1984), Negativland have been sued twice for copyright infringement.

Over the years Negativland’s “illegal” collage and appropriation-based audio and visual works have touched on many things – pranks, media hoaxes, advertising, media literacy, religion, death, the evolving art of collage, the bizarre banality of suburban existence, creative activism in our media-saturated and multi-national world, file sharing, intellectual property issues, wacky surrealism, evolving notions of art and ownership and law in a digital age, and artistic and humorous observations of mass media and mass culture.

“Declared heroic by their peers for refashioning culture into what the group considers to be more honest statements, Negativland suggests that refusing to be original, in the traditional sense, is the only way to make art that has any depth within commodity capitalism”- NEW YORK TIMES

“Collage pioneers…..genre-defying, densely layered, strangely accessible” – WASHINGTON POST

“Negativland were definitely not what the EDM kids at Bumbershoot were expecting. The experimental San Francisco sound collagists don’t make music as much as sonic mayhem: audio think pieces that are subversive and enlightening, vexing and revelatory. Negativland are political to the core.” – SEATTLE WEEKLY

RIYL: Girl Talk, People Like Us, Matmos, Yes Men, The Residents, Plunderphonics, Mouse On Mars, Faust, and culture jamming / sound collage

Start With: 3, 4                  

FCC: 4 (but clean edit included in radio download)

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

Negativland & visual artist SUE-C on tour:

  • 9.15.21: San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
  • 9.16.21: Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex
  • 9.17.21: San Francisco, CA @ Gray Area
  • 9.18.21: Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s
  • 9.20.21: Portland, OR @ Holocene
  • 9.21.21: Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s Pub
  • 9.22.21: Olympia, WA @ Capitol Theater
  • 9.23.21: Seattle, WA @ Clock-Out Lounge
  • 9.25.21: Yakima, WA @ The Seasons Performance Hall
  • 11.7.21: Bisbee, AZ @ Central School Project
  • 11.9.21: Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
  • 11.10.21: Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
  • 11.12.21: Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf
  • 11.13.21: Albuquerque, NM @ Guild Cinema


I am so excited to get to help bring you the newest release by my old friend, ANTHONIE TONNON!! In a fun showing of competitor/buddy synergy, I’m psyched to get to work alongside my pals at Terrorbird to help promote this masterpiece – my third release from him over this past decade. This guy is an absolute gem, from New Zealand (a nation I’m slowly conquering by way of promoting their indie-pop princes). I’ve loved his music, with its droll sense of humor, impeccable indie-pop sensibility, and deep love for humanity and for concepts like place, land, and home, for almost a decade now, and if you are new to this party I am very excited for you to join in!!



Misra Records

The world is full of singer-songwriters, but few of them forge the kind of paths that Anthonie Tonnon has. His work has developed into a unique blend of music, art and advocacy, and shows that are creative works in themselves. He has used live performance to experiment with new technology and approaches, leading to the immersive shows that have seen him touring planetariums, or taking audiences to distant venues on unloved public railways. His upcoming record, Leave Love Out Of This, has a mixture of synth based tracks and more acoustic sounds.

Though his sound has evolved over time, a constant has been Tonnon’s lyrics. The artist tackles the rise to the top of the television industry in ‘Entertainment’ as deftly as he did for evolution and the future of work in ‘Two Free Hands’, and regulatory failure in ‘Mataura Paper Mill’. Tonnon has been long-listed for esteemed New Zealand songwriter title the APRA Silver Scroll Award three times, making it to the top five for ‘Water Underground’, his excoriation of the mismanagement of fresh water and local democracy in Canterbury.

RIYL: Destroyer, Deerhunter, Girls, Dirty Projectors, Courtney Barnett,

Jens Lekman, Jonathan Richman, Jonathan Bree

Start With: 1, 4, 9


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