TEREU TEREU – NW EP going for Top 200 Adds Now!!!

My third add of 2011 is here!

For longtime Band Mom loyalists, these guys will already be familiar to you: their first full-length was my second Band Mom project ever back in 2009. It did really well, including getting tons of play on WOXY (RIP WOXY :( ) – and now it’s two years later and the band’s lineup has gone through some serious changes, and their lyrical themes have gotten a little darker, but their music is still totally recognizable from that first album. As I pointed out in 2009, they make a really interesting combination of music that fuses catchy indie pop with their DC post-punk heritage. You haven’t heard much like it before. Plus their name is an allusion to TS Eliot’s The Waste Land…the English major in me rejoices!

This is a 3-song EP that is NOT a leading up to a full-length anytime soon, so don’t wait: play this today! Radio stations, my hard copies were VERY limited, but if you didn’t get one then check your email or contact me for a download link! It’s worth it!!






They began in Fredericksburg, VA in 2006 as a noisy two-piece. Over time, the band expanded in scope and adopted the moniker Tereu Tereu; in 2007, they released a split with The Light Footwork, and in 2009 they released their debut album, All That Keeps Us Together. The band toured up and down the mid-Atlantic and played with bands like The Dismemberment Plan, Ra Ra Riot, Foals, Jukebox the Ghost, Georgie James, Birdmonster, Maritime, The Good Life, and Pomegranates.

In late 2009, Tereu Tereu moved to DC, shifted members and shifted sounds. Now a three-piece, they play disjointed pop music, mixing elements of DC post-punk with melodies influenced by Taureg desert music. They run ear-pleasing hooks through oddball time signatures and punctuate their songs with feedback-laden freak outs. The continuing evolution of the band has brought more focus and darker undercurrents to the music, lyrically grappling with queer suicides and friends lost to cancer. It’s a heavier moment for a pop-centric trio, but it’s their most ambitious to date.

This 3-track EP serves as a re-introduction for this newest incarnation of Tereu Tereu; it is a standalone release rather than a lead-in to a full-length, and its official release comes in a limited-edition hand-stenciled package.

“both powerful and slightly unnerving”– My Old Kentucky Blog



RIYL: Dismemberment Plan, Phoenix, Q and Not U, Ra Ra Riot, Spoon

Start With: 1, 2 FCC 3 (radio edit available!!)

Contact me for a download link!







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