TEREU TEREU going for Top 200 Adds NOW!


You guys! My SECOND ADD from The Band Mom is going for adds NOW! Yay finally. I’ve had a bunch of LIFT stuff going on lately but I’m really psyched to have a new record to send out to my first loves at Top 200 as well. And I could not be more excited about this one! It’s is a full-length from some good friends of mine from DC, who I first met when the bass player put on a Terrordactyls show in his living room while I was on tour with them. Thanks, Adam! …thanks, Terrordactyls!

They make a really interesting combination of music that fuses catchy indie pop with their DC post-punk heritage. You haven’t heard much like it before. Plus their name is an allusion to TS Eliot’s The Waste Land…the English major in me rejoices!







Tereu Tereu play disjointed pop music, mixing elements of DC post-punk with classy pop melodies. They run ear-pleasing hooks through oddball time signatures and punctuate their songs with feedback-laden freak outs. The result is adventurous but accessible, with trumpet and keyboards thrown into the traditional guitar/bass/drums rock setup.

The band has taken their catchy and ridiculously fun live show up and down the mid-Atlantic and has played with bands like Ra Ra Riot, Foals, Jukebox the Ghost, Georgie James, Birdmonster, Maritime, The Good Life, and Pomegranates. They self-released an EP in 2007 with help from Travis Morrison, Jason Caddell, and Devin Ocampo.  Their playfully raucous full-length debut, All That Keeps Us Together, was recorded 2008 over the course of several months with Washington, DC’s finest producer, Devin Ocampo (Faraquet, Mary Timony Band, Beauty Pill).

RIYL: Dismemberment Plan, Phoenix, Q and Not U, Ra Ra Riot, Spoon 

START WITH: 8, 4, 2, 1 FCC: 3





interview in the dcist



Contact me for a download link!


Also their release show is tomorrow!!

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