TEREU TEREU – QUADRANTS at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

GUYS!! This is the third Tereu Tereu project I’ve promoted!! Tereu Tereu is now officially the first (only, for now!) band that I have done not just one, not two, but THREE Band Mom radio campaigns for. Tereu Tereu is Band Mom family. They are grandfathered in. Other family stuff about my company name and my love for this band. Anyway the point is I have loved this band for a long time. But this is CLEARLY their best album yet! The first three tracks are improved versions of tracks you may recognize from the NW EP that I promoted in 2011, which are of course great, and then the rest is more-recently-written stuff that to me feels even more mature, like a band finally finding its own voice. The Dismemberment Plan/math rock influences of their earlier work are still there, but a little less so, and synthesized in with a new set of influences and a stronger sense of Ryan Little’s authorial voice. I can’t wait for you to hear it. It went for adds this past week (September 24) so now is the time to start (and continue) jamming it!!



Bad Friend Records

Pieced together from years of divergent recording sessions, Quadrants is a trip through the creative evolution of D.C.’s Tereu Tereu. Hopping from Matador Records guitar love to the moody minimalism of Portishead and Ninja Tune, the band pulls together dark grooves and pop melodies with a noisy burst of revelry. An adventurous exhibition of a band in flux, the album compiles Tereu Tereu’s finest songs to date.

The hooks are never easy, but the challenges always pay off. Love of ’90s indie rock pairs up with (re)visions of early post-punk, deep-seated anxieties resound inside interstellar echoes, heavy grooves undulate beneath shimmering melodies, drums make love to guitars, computers and humans coexist, and we all just hope to survive the digital era.

After years of independently producing bright, noisy pop, Tereu Tereu changed shape. Now a duo comprised of Ryan Little and Brendan Polmer, the band plays a dark breed of disjointed rock. Founded in 2006 as a two-piece, the band switched line-ups several times over the years and has since returned to its roots, albeit with a different drummer and a heavier sound. The duo incorporates samples, loops, and electronics into their pared-down rock aesthetic, toying with laptop-assisted ambiance and Tuareg-inspired guitar work. So far, the band has released a few EPs and an album, toured through much of the Eastern half of America, and played shows with bands like Ra Ra Riot and The Dismemberment Plan. Quadrants is their second full-length album.


RIYL: Dismemberment Plan, Portishead, mewithoutYou, Silversun Pickups

Start With: 8, 5, 6     FCC: 3 (CLEAN EDIT AVAILABLE)

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!






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