DEADMAU5 going for TOP 10 at RPM now!!

Hey!! Here’s another thing I’ve been working for a little while, threw it up on the ‘current projects’ page but haven’t mentioned on here. I still can’t believe I landed this project – Deadmau5 is a superstar at electronic radio!! Dude has been called, not unjustly, the best electro/house DJ currently working.



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This record is “10 Full-Length DJ Friendly Unmixed Tracks”, which means it wasn’t designed to be an “album” although it could certainly play like one. What it was designed for was for each track, which has been separated into its contingent parts and laid out in an audible line, to be then chopped up and re-mixed by live DJs. SUCH A COOL IDEA.

If you’re a hardcore Deadmau5 fan you might recognize several of these songs in different forms; if you’ve only heard Random Album Title, you’ll only recognize one of them. Pretty much all are winners.

This record has been KILLING IT on the charts. We hit #3 on the RPM adds list (on 4/6) and have quickly climbed up to #15 on the RPM Top 40 last week. But I think we can do better!! I truly believe this is the best, coolest, most well-known name, most quality music, that I have worked thus far; plus it’s 10 tracks rather than the EPs I’ve otherwise been working. AND he’s Canadian which gives you Can-Con-ers even more of a boost to show him love. There’s no downside! We can totally hit Top 10 this week, you guys. LET’S DO THIS!

Contact me with feedback or download/hard copy requests!

contact info for this project:


STREAM!: (look what I can do!!)


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