ZOE BOEKBINDER – DARLING SPECIMENS going for Top 200 Adds Now!!!!

It’s time for my next add! I met Zoe Boekbinder (pronounced “book-binder”, like a person who binds books) through my last artist, Shenandoah Davis, and they certainly share a sensibility. In fact Shenandoah even produced Zoe’s album! But they’re definitely two distinctly different artists: Zoe’s voice is a little less warbly than Shen’s, but just as lovely and idiosyncratic. In my opinion her strongest tracks are the ones that have a little bit of a beat to them than make you want to move; I guess those tracks fall at least as much into the “indie pop” category as they do “folk”. She’s based in Oakland, CA, as opposed to Shenandoah’s Seattle, although right now she’s on a big ol’ national tour that you should definitely catch her on!! READ ON to learn more!!!



Extropian Records

Zoe Boekbinder’s newest album is a heartrending and tousled collage of auxiliary percussion, haunted horns, theremins, and strings. Her voice flutters with delicate precision, and her frequently macabre and surreal lyrics hint at the haunted circus from which they must have sprung. The album recounts a long trail of heartbreaks and disappointments with a coroner’s eye for detail: each song emerges as a sneakily alluring specimen neatly stuck onto a foam board with a pin. Shenandoah Davis‘ distinctive production stunningly brings all of Zoe’s strange and beautiful idiosyncrasies front and center.

Zoe habitually tours North America, having played with the likes of the Dresden Dolls and the Ditty Bops. She is in fact currently traversing the US on an Oct-Nov 2011 tour. One of her favorite places to play is New Folsom Prison, partly because it makes her feel like Johnny Cash. She resides in Oakland, California and dreams of one day moving to New Orleans or rural southern France.

Zoe has an affinity for mason jars, rusted metal, Dolly Parton, sea creatures, botanical drawings, dilapidated barns, chocolate, avocados, broken hearts, port wine, and the open road. She went to clown school and wants to own a farm someday. Her last name is pronounced “book-binder”, like a person who binds books.

“Zoe Boekbinder opens her mouth, and the voice that comes out is ageless, beautiful, heartbreaking and wise. Zoe looks so young, and so innocent. I think she kidnapped a marvellous singer from long ago Paris, and stole her voice. It’s the only explanation.” – Neil Gaiman



RIYL: St. Vincent, Feist, Shenandoah Davis, Mirah, Dark Dark Dark

Start With: 1, 6, 8, 9 FCC CLEAN

Contact me for a download link!




http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=210711785657281 (tour dates)





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2 Comments on “ZOE BOEKBINDER – DARLING SPECIMENS going for Top 200 Adds Now!!!!”

  1. LD
    November 10, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    What a voice – and soooo clever. Love her music. Thanks for the post.


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