I first met Kevin Alvir of the Hairs like 5+ years ago, through our mutual pals the Australian band The Lucksmiths (RIP Lucksmiths :( ). At the time he was in the supercool Brooklyn indiepop band Knight School and we kind of saw each other around at shows and stuff, but didn’t end up really registering on each other’s radars much more than that until several years later, when we were re-introduced through another mutual friend and I listened to his brand new band’s brand new recordings, which were already getting consistently praised by BrooklynVegan. Those first tracks I heard were really great and I was instantly hooked (in fact I even added one of them to the house mix we played on the PA between bands at my night job!), but this new EP they’ve just released on Break Records brings their recording quality to a whole new level. It’s still catchy, snarky, lo-fi indiepop, just like the first few tracks of theirs that I loved, but you can actually hear what’s going on in there underneath the fuzzy surface now, too. Check this out then brag to all your friends that you heard them first! (This EP went for Top 200 adds on 4/2, so it’s time to jam this stuff on yr station/chart on yr Top 30s now!)



Break Records

Kevin Alvir, the front man of the impossible-to-get-out-of-your-head indiepop band The Hairs, has a lot to say. Alvir’s sprightly tenor skips and trips around classic pop riffs with an off-the-cuff confidence and a disarming sweetness that’s too uncommon these days.  With the quirky, earnest, and slightly squirmy quality of a Daniel Johnston ditty; the fey whipsmart sensibility of the Television Personalities; the “who gives a fuck” lo-fi production of Guided By Voices; and the wide-eyed nuanced outlook of Jonathan Richman, The Hairs make good hearted music, but with an edge – reminding the listener that life isn’t all “holding hands and eating ice cream,” but instead “dropping your ice cream cone and still eating it.”  Alvir is joined by Steve Tarkington on drums, and Jacob Sloan on bass.

“So far, Brooklyn indiepop outfit The Hairs have worked solely in the lower depths of fidelity, making songs that were as tinny-sounding as they were catchy. (That also goes for main man Kevin Alvir’s previous bands, Knight School and L’il Hospital.) While scratchy pop has its charms, it’s nice to hear The Hairs make the leap into mid-fi for their new EP” – from BrooklynVegan premiere of Track 1, “The Magic’s Gone”

“The Hairs’ Kevin Alvir has a great feel for those warm-sounding, catchy indie pop songs that recall the era of cassette singles and the type of fare that would get heavy rotation’d at college radio stations of yore.”…”a twee Wavves, a less punked-up/still snotty Cloud Nothings, an extremely polite Happy Flowers” – Stereogum

“finds the sweet spot between jangle and mope” – IFC



RIYL: Guided by Voices, The Clean, Television Personalities, The Drums, Daniel Johnston, Radical Dads, Woven Bones, Bleeding Rainbow, Cloud Nothings

Start With: 1, 4     FCC 2, 3 (CLEAN EDITS IN DOWNLOAD)


Contact me for a download link (with those clean edits!) if you’re a radio rep!




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