TIE THESE HANDS has a new single: “TRAMPOLINE”!

Now that I’ve finally closed the book on 2013, let’s talk about some of my new stuff! Remember Tie These Hands, from the album I sent you last summer? (if you’re at a radio station but weren’t around for the summer, you probably actually still got a copy of the CD, I was able to send so many—maybe take a look around!) – anyway that album did so well (6 weeks on CMJ charts!) we decided to just go for it right away again with their new stuff!

They’re doing this thing now where instead of releasing a full album, they’re just putting out one single at a time, really spending a serious amount of time and care on each song and also putting out a video along with each one. That way there isn’t a year+ wait between albums so there’s no excuse to forget about them! So, there’s no full-length coming to follow this up, so don’t wait on that. And also it doesn’t exist in hard copy form, so don’t look for one (although if you’re DESPERATE for a hard copy and absolutely won’t accept a download, but do play singles, let me know and we can probably arrange something for the band to help you out). Grab it while it’s fresh, watch the video, send it out to yr djs or add it to your digital rotations—I don’t expect you to chart it, because I know with a digital single that’s pretty unrealistic, but I DO want you to play it and let me know what you think!! These’ll be coming every couple months this year; this is just the beginning!




After spending five weeks on the CMJ Top 200 (and one at #14 Most Added) with their August 2013 album Come On, Lincoln, Nebraska’s Tie These Hands are right back at it with the 2/11/14 release of “Trampoline”. “Trampoline” is being released as a single with a simultaneous video premiere. After recording and releasing albums traditionally since 2002, the band is heading in a new direction with their future releases: the next Tie These Hands album, which begins with current single “Trampoline”, will be recorded and released as a new single every two to three months with a video. After years of recording at the iconic Nebraska studios, Presto and ARC, often with the help of engineer AJ Mogis, the band has embraced the DIY ethic. Full control of the creative process, from recording to release, allows Tie These Hands to get fresh, new music to fans much quicker than the traditional release model. “Trampoline” can be streamed or purchased on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and anywhere digital music is available. And this is only the beginning.

**This is NOT a CMJ charting campaign, but digital singles like this will be coming in regular intervals throughout 2014: please feel free to download and spin as they’re released, in lieu of a new full-length Tie These Hands album!**


RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Weakerthans, Say Hi, Built To Spill, The Good Life     FCC CLEAN

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!




https://soundcloud.com/tiethesehands/trampoline (stream track)

http://youtu.be/DcElMY2OarU (video of track)



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