STATIC PEOPLE is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

Static People is a San Francisco band with a badass ladysinger named Dmitra and a riot grrl aesthetic. They go from tough and rock-heavy on one track to poppy, almost dancey on the next. This album really covers a pretty wide range of sounds for its short track list, so I’d HIGHLY recommend, if you start out not finding a track you like right away, just skipping to the next! My personal favorites for radio by a pretty wide margin are tracks 2 and 4, but they made videos for tracks 1 and 6, so you make the call on that one. Whatever your favorite track turns out to be though, one thing’s for sure: this band rules. Odds are very high your station got a hard copy of this one (except for you trendsetters who actually prefer downloads!), and many of you are already spinning it: we hit the Top 20 adds chart on CMJ this past week (8/12) at #16 Most Added! Yeaaah!!



Mass Ants Music

Static People posits a parallel universe where punk and pop are conjoined twins, then splits them with a buzzsaw guitar. The result is an atomic burst of refined madness that is as precise as it is lysergic, feral on the edges and underscored by the warm hum of a radioactive heart.

Singer and keyboardist Dmitra Smith began singing at age 8 in her native Seattle, enduring torture from a high-strung girl’s choir director who punched his stomach while screaming the word “SUPPORT” at small children. She credits him for her 3 octave range. She relocated to San Francisco in 1992 to join marimba-driven rock project Fuzz Factor with guitarist Joe Gore (PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman). She is also the singer for Seattle based alt/punk band Ex’s With Benefits with Green River drummer Alex Vincent, and for Black futurist Siouxsie and the Banshees tribute Voodoo Dolly.

Joining Smith are her Ex’s With Benefits guitarist Pascal Faivre from Pontarlier, France (the capital of absinthe), her Voodoo Dolly bass player Shawn Miller (who honed his chops while working on his psychology degree and playing in the seminal pop-punk band Cara de Nada in Santa Cruz), and drummer Kevin Carnes (an in-demand studio ace, whose credits include both analog and digital drum work for Soulstice, Consolidated and George Clinton/P-Funk). The daunting task of tying their varied influences and styles together into a cohesive unit falls to producer Jason Carmer (Dirty Ghosts, Kimya Dawson, Camper Van Beethoven, Run DMC, The Donnas).


RIYL: Metric, Bikini Kill, Epoxies, Siouxsie Sioux, Vaselines

Start With: 2, 4, 1, 6    FCC CLEAN

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!



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