THE EFFORT AWARD – RELAXTRONAUT is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

I’ve gotta tell you about the loveable goofballs in THE EFFORT AWARD! These guys blew up the charts early on in this campaign, at the very end of 2015 and the very beginning of 2016 – people caught on quick how fun and easy this is to love! I’ve got just a little bit of time left on this one, but the push is definitely still on. It’s MUCH less of a Serious Music Album than just a goofy fun time for cold chillin’. I mean the album title is RELAXTRONAUT. The hit single is SHARKANO (which by the way also has an incredible video). So you get it. They’re from Charlottesville Virginia, which is a nice place I have visited one time. I think you should listen to this record and enjoy its heavy Beck vibes and get it/keep it spinning!!




The Effort Award is the beat-laboratory project of Charlottesville, VA’s total unknown rocker John and sometimes his pal (and much more talented rocker) Dustin. Legend (that’s Dustin, the legend) says John was born after a bald eagle face-slapped a dragon and wooed that dragon’s woman dragon. Fact says he can stop a speeding bullet with his hand. He lost that hand in a shoot-out from a bullet wound. He then replaced the hand with an electric guitar. Thus was born Effort Award. Word to the wise: get louder speakers.

John has been rocking a guitar and a tiny keyboard since middle school. Three guitar lessons and a handful of piano lessons that John detested later, he finally learned the secret when Josh Lambert of The Octopus Project taught him the power chords to “My Michelle” by Guns N’ Roses. That whole album still crushes it. Thanks Josh.

Described as “Beck-like” in its approach, the unmistakably 90s-influenced album Relaxtronaut is all new. Called a “monster of melody” by producer Danny Kalb (Beck, Ben Harper), it’s clear this weirdo was sitting on heap of riffs and catchy hooks until just now. The Effort Award is just only now starting to try hard. You’ll see.

RIYL: Beck, Supergrass, Cornershop, Blur

Start With: 2, 6, 3                       FCC CLEAN



Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


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