SEAONS – APRILIS is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

This is a real interesting one. Check out the cool post-apocalyptos in SEAONS (that’s not a typo, it’s not Seasons, and the album title is APRILIS, not Aprils): a Southern Oregon band telling an epic story with their music. It’s about the survival of humanity in a post-apocalyptic future. High-energy but thoughtful music that reminds me a lot of Anathallo or The Dear Hunter, or one station has already compared it to Imagine Dragons (s/o Mandi @ KCWU!!).

PRONUNCIATION KEY: see-ons (rhymes with “peons”) – uh-PRIL-iss (rhymes with “uh kill us”).




King Monty Records

Our cycle of life has a pattern of destruction and restoration. The fibers of the universe suggest that all existence is prone to end at a certain point. One day, our thriving world will come to an end, its spinning axis will slow to a halt, and begin to deteriorate from the inside out. This will likely be the beginning of the end of our entire solar system.

There is a chance that humanity will witness the destruction of Earth and perhaps there is a small chance that a few survive to see the very last days of its well being, before being blasted into the cosmos. Humans are fortuitous creatures, having the ability to fill themselves with hope and faith; they can often appear immortal in the most detrimental and dooming situations. Sometimes, they can even foresee events before they occur.

These may be incredible traits, but humans are also cursed with an equal arsenal of dark powers. They are capable of terrible things: war, terror, fear, and all other actions of destruction. Humans are gifted with the power to choose paths of good or evil. Unfortunately, they are drawn to the power of the evil paths all too often.

When the inevitable destruction of Earth begins, the majority of life will be wiped out. Leaving only a handful of survivors. Through natural selection, a final leg of humanity will struggle to survive and continue to challenge the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world. This new state of the world is known as Aprilis. In the language of Latin Aprilis means April.

April is known as  a time to plant seeds, and to bring new life into the world. Another Latin translation of Aprilis is “new beginnings”. This newly destroyed world is not only labeled “Aprilis” by the survivors to encourage a hopeful life in a desolate world, but also because the destruction of earth literally occurs in the month of April.

Our reality requires energy to create and sustain, and in this case, the energy of the last leg of the human race carries the seed to new life. A handful of humans hold on to the light of hope as they fearlessly face their demise. The energy of that light is consumed by the world as the life is taken. This expresses why choosing the path of life up to the very end has such a huge impact on the fibers of existence. Over time, the energy consumed by Aprilis fuels the seed for new life, and ultimately, a new reality. Life will always be recycled. This is the story of Aprilis.

SEAONS is Sean Sider (lead vocals), Micah McCaw (guitar solos and riffs of epic proportions), and Grayson Phelps (bassist, exhilarating stage presence), and Andrew John Lee (drums). APRILIS is the Southern Oregon band’s sophomore release.

PRONUNCIATION KEY: see-ons (rhymes with “peons”) – uh-PRIL-iss (rhymes with “uh kill us”)

RIYL: Anathallo, Mutemath, The Dear Hunter, Muse, Annuals, The Most Serene Republic, Led Zeppelin

Start With: 3, 5, 8                                                 FCC CLEAN (8 says “damn”)


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!


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