SIV DISA – DREAMHOUSE is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

I’m excited to share my final new add for 2021, which is an artist coming to us from Iceland!! To make sure I can’t be accused of false advertising, I’ll clarify that she’s an American woman (of Asian/mixed-race ancestry who identifies as bisexual, for those of you looking to prioritize BIPOC, femme, and/or queer artists) who just happens to have been living in Iceland for the past few years, but still. She’s an international artist and you can’t convince me otherwise!! Her record label (Trapped Animal) is based in the UK so that makes this a Certifiable International Release FOR SURE. Very exciting (to me at least)!! And yes that is in fact her actual human name, not like a made-up band name or anything: in case those are names unfamiliar to you as they were to me, “Siv” is pronounced with a long EE sound – like “Steve” without the T. “Disa” has a long I sound – like “Dye-sa”. Actually I have a recording of her pronouncing it herself for us, so nice of her to do: check that out here!

Anyway I haven’t even started describing the music yet: this album is arranged in a really interesting way that’s intended to be split up as an “A side” (tracks 1-5) and a “B side” (tracks 4-9), as a vinyl release. The “A side” I would describe as pop singles sliding into a cool kinda trip-hop influence; then the “B side” features much more downtempo chill vibes. I love tracks from both parts! But in my (strong) opinion the major jam on this record is the centerpiece, track 5, “Sorry” – and Siv agrees; in fact she made a lil radio edit for us to make it even MORE major! (It just cuts down about a minute of the length to make it a lil more short-attention-span radio-friendly; it is not a language/lyric edit, as that is not necessary, this whole album is already FCC Clean!) I’ve got that edit included in my download link which is available to radio station reps – I did have a fairly solid number of hard copies of this album to send out, so if we’ve been in touch basically this year at all (and I don’t know that you prefer downloads), you’ve probably got one waiting at the station for you, but you’re always welcome to hit me up for that download as well!



Trapped Animal

Siv Disa is an American recording and video artist currently based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Prior to this, she spent time performing with her band in NYC under the name “Siv Disa and the Sea Divers”. This led to a monthly residency at Bowery Electric in 2019, a self-released EP Waltzes, and performances at festivals such as Sidewalk Antifolk Fest and Club Passim’s Campfire Festival. Drawing the interest of UK’s Trapped Animal, she next released two singles: “Moths” and “Fear” on their label, and now releases her debut album with Trapped Animal in 2021.
Her songs draw inspiration from the worlds of both pop and contemporary classical, combining vivid lyricism and surreal imagery with complex harmonic ideas. Influences include Fiona Apple, Bjork, Dmitri Shostakovich, Sofia Gubaidulina, and Portishead. Visually, she is inspired by the surrealist films of Yorgos Lanthimos, Charlie Kaufman, and Michel Gondry: she personally created the visual art and videos for this project, as well as the music.
“Siv Disa’s musical style is unmistakable; minor chords and dissonant sounds give her songs a haunting feel, while her warm, soft voice invites the listener into even the darkest of stories.” – Audiofemme
psychedelic pop that converges the encompassing textures of Broadcast with Joanna Newsom’s pleasantly off-kilter melodies” – The Line of Best Fit
“Siv” is pronounced with a long EE sound—like “Steve” without the T.
“Disa” has a long I sound—like “Dye-sa”.
Siv Disa identifies as a bisexual, cisgender, Asian-American woman who uses she/her pronouns.
Producer and album collaborator Sam (aka artist Sam and the Sea) identifies as bisexual and non-binary (they/them pronouns).

RIYL: Bjork, Japanese Breakfast, Fiona Apple, Solange, Blonde Redhead, Portishead, Broadcast, Massive Attack

Start With: 5, 3, 6

FCC CLEAN (radio edit of “Sorry” included in download is shorter; no swears in either version)

Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

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