YES, OH YES – YES, OH YES is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

The joyous chaos of Yes, Oh Yes is officially, finally, out in the world!! This is a release being put out by a dear friend of mine, Tyrel from The Terrordactyls. It’s a bit of a reissue, in this way: he’s collected every song this band ever recorded, back in the early-mid aughts, remastered them, and put them all onto one album for the first time ever. So this self-titled album is not exactly a re-release, it’s a brand-new release, and it’s full of songs that have at least somewhat seen the light of day before in other versions (all but one, which was never released before this), but they’ve all got a slightly shiny new production value to them, so it really is a new release. Not too shiny, though: this is a DIY band best known for their raucous basement shows in the Pacific Northwest, and these tracks definitely capture that spirit. A thing I always loved about this band is their optimism in the face of staggering odds, and their unrelentingly altruistic community spirit. They’re songs I put on when I’d like to yell in my car and also feel a little bit better about the world. I can’t wait to hear what you think!




Yes, Oh Yes was founded by two friends in Bellingham, Washington during the fall of 2005. Drummer Kellen Rack and songwriter Jordan Morris began started out playing a few house shows before teaming up with eccentric guitar player Aaron Khawaja, and lone-wolf bassist (who had never touched a bass before) Michael Molvar, forming a four-piece collective.
The quartet quickly fleshed out the original set of songs and put out an EP: The End, recorded in a Bellingham apartment, and featuring backing vocals by friends, rivals, and Jordan’s now ex-wife. The five songs on the EP recording defined Yes, Oh Yes in the Pacific Northwest for years to come (well, sadly, only two years). They found a niche in the West Coast DIY music scene and toured the country playing live shows in basements, backyards, bathrooms, and parking lots. While the shows were often chaotic and fraught with technical problems, there was a powerful energy and a strong positive message that resonated with their growing number of fans.
In 2007, Yes, Oh Yes built on that support from their friends, fans, and music community and recorded Social Science, a 7” record. Put out on Don’t Stop Believin’ Records, this 7” marked a new chapter for the band, featuring accompanying strings, a drum machine, and more personal songwriting. Unfortunately, that same chaotic energy that defined the band’s success would ultimately be their demise. A long-planned national tour was upended by personal conflict, and the band swiftly fell apart. Like so many fleeting joys, Yes, Oh Yes was over as quickly as it had begun.
Those who were able to see Yes, Oh Yes during their brief time still remember the sweaty shows packed into small apartment bedrooms, screaming along at the top of their lungs. All that remains, other than this outstanding collection of songs (ten tracks reissued here for their first time as one package), is the gum in the carpet.

RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, The Unicorns, Menomena, Wolf Parade, Matt & Kim, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Start With: 5, 4, 9


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

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