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Oh hello! NACC – the current charting authority/defacto central hub of my little corner of the community-radio music biz – asked me some questions, and I took the opportunity to blather on at length and also mention Third Eye Blind two times. Now it’s a little profile included on their Community page that you can read and make fun of me for. Here it is!Screenshot_20180123-175126

FRIENDSHIP – SHOCK OUT OF SEASON is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

I am so excited that my final priority of 2017 is Friendship, from Philadelphia (via Owen Ashworth’s Orindal Records)! This record is SO GOOD. I’m super lucky to get to get to associate myself even this little bit with it. Also their band name is very on brand, both for The Band Mom and for the fact that it went for adds at Thanksgiving. Pretty great. AND(!!!), this band includes not one but TWO former college radio music directors (sup WVAU and WICB!!). It really belongs here!! My first impression was that the sound falls right in between the music of Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon) and that of Ashworth’s own (Advance Base/Casiotone for the Painfully Alone). Introspective folky bedroom pop with lots of interesting musical touches and conversational-storytelling lyrics. Stereogum and BrooklynVegan are already on board, so what are you waiting for?!

This record is my second in a row here that’s DIGITAL-ONLY, so don’t wait for a hard copy, but run don’t walk to yr nearest link from your email (or check in with me for that if you work at a radio station and don’t have it) and snag that thing today! (You could also start by checking out a gorgeous new video, shot on 35mm in their hometown of Philly, if yr so inclined.) (Incidentally: sorry so many of my records lately have been download-only. I know that while for some of you it’s your preference, it’s harder on many of you, and it’s not my preference or my first recommendation to my bands – if you’re new to The Band Mom, I want to assure you it’s not my norm. But sometimes it’s the only option to make it work for the band financially, and if it’s a choice between that or not sending it to radio at all, I hope you can understand why it goes this way! Help prove me right that it’s still worth doing it this way, by downloading and spinning this wonderful work!!)

friendship - shock out of season cover



Orindal Records

Friendship is a Philadelphia-based band currently comprised of Dan Wriggins, Peter Gill, Mike Cormier, Evangeline Krajewski, and Jon Samuels.

Gill, Cormier, and Wriggins, all originally from Maine, began performing as Friendship in 2015, when they shared an apartment in Philadelphia. They released an LP, You’re Going to Have to Trust Me, on Burst and Bloom Records in late 2015, and an EP, F/V Hope in 2017 with Philadelphia’s Sleeper Records.

Friendship’s new album, Shock Out of Season, comes out November 3, 2017 on Orindal Records (the label run by Owen Ashworth of Advance Base/Casiotone for the Painfully Alone). It is a collection of songs about work, friends, love, and loneliness, lifted by synthesizer, pedal steel, and Rhodes piano, and set against a combination of live and programmed drums.

Wriggins’ lyrics reflect conversation, humor, and calamity. They stress his characters’ unmediated involvement in each other’s lives, which transcends and is frustrated by their failed communications. These tensions are expanded by the band’s twisted articulation of Americana – waves of ambient pedal steel, droning synthesizers and drum machines, vibraphone, electric piano, and percussion surge and fall alongside minimal guitar and bass patterns.

RIYL: Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon, Vic Chesnutt, Bill Callahan/(smog),  Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lambchop, David Bazan/Pedro the Lion, Advance Base/Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Majical Cloudz, Florist, Lomelda, Told Slant

Start With: 1, 2, 3, 5                                      FCC 6, 7

friendship Kitchen2-Bob SweeneyPhoto credit: Bob Sweeney

“Friendship are a Philly-based band centered around Dan Wriggins’ narrative pull. His stories tend to be long-winded but confined to small moments, and the rest of the band…play into this in an unobtrusive but all-encompassing way.” – Stereogum

“Coupled with Wriggins’ conversational, almost stream of consciousness-style delivery, they manage to create a kind of flipped Americana. If classic folk rock is a space in which an artist can align the incongruities of their lives into some pure, cathartic communication on a channel to which everyone is tuned, then Friendship’s version is the sound when the various parts never quite match up, the narrator left to broadcast on his own frequency in the hope that someone might receive his garbled drift. “ – Various Small Flames

Friendship is a band based in Philadelphia that’s been dubbed “alt” or freak folk by some, experimental by many. Their sounds range from lo-fi DIY, to rambling lyrics that rival The Mountain Goats. Comparisons aside, Wriggins’ lyrics are all at once deadpan and sentimental, delivered with an attention to wordplay and an apprehension that keeps you on your toes. – Paste

“quiet, humble-yet-deep indie pop” – BrooklynVegan



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SHENANDOAH DAVIS – SOUVENIRS is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

Alert!!! BZZT!!!! [Airhorn sound!!!!]

My next add is by one of my all-time favorite people, and it’s her first album in six years!! Some of you who’ve been paying attention to Band Mom goings-on for an extra long time might remember my dear friend Shenandoah Davis from her last record The Company We Keep, which I sent out to radio way back in the olden days of 2011. This new one is called Souvenirs and it is so great!! She’s 6 years older, 6 years wiser and more sophisticated, and to be honest it shows in the music. Despite all that growing up, I’m not sure I can describe it any better than I did back in 2011, when I put it thusly: “it’s totally beautiful and idiosyncratic and her voice is kind of like Joanna Newsom’s or Regina Spektor’s – particularly in that it ranges from warbly/weirdy to the more classically agreed-upon idea of ‘lovely’ – in fact she is a trained opera singer! But I would not describe her music as ‘operatic’ in any sense except that it is poetic, deeply emotional, and beautiful.” A lovely Pitchfork review, coincidentally written by another old pal of mine, also really nails it. Check out this pull quote: “Beyond its emotional dexterity, the sound of Souvenirs is astoundingly well-rounded, as Davis’ wise-beyond-her-years lyrics mesh seamlessly with lush orchestral instrumentation and a strikingly high-pitched, classically-trained voice that lies somewhere between Joanna Newsom, Joni Mitchell, and some shivering lovelorn aria”. Awwww yeah. ACCURATE!

This record is DIGITAL-ONLY, so don’t wait for a hard copy, but run don’t walk to yr nearest link from your email (or check in with me for it if you work at a radio station and don’t have it) and grab that ish! (You could also start by checking out a gorgeous new video if yr so inclined.) Also she has now embarked on her massive national tour so stay tuned, and if you’d like to meet her while she’s passing by near you I bet we can make that happen! Tour dates below.




Plume Records

Seattle-based musician Shenandoah Davis is thrilled to announce her third full-length record, Souvenirs, out September 8th on Plume Records. Davis has spent the last decade releasing music and touring the globe, gaining acclaim from fans and fellow musicians for her unique, piano-driven orchestral pop. Recorded and produced in a Brooklyn apartment, Souvenirs finds Davis going back through past relationships and personal experiences, picking out “moments both significant and insignificant that had gotten stuck in my head for one reason or another,” she shares.

“And you know how to find Northern lights / and you know how to fight wildfires / and you know the Latin names for every tree / but you don’t know me,” Shenandoah Davis sings on the fourth track of her forthcoming third full-length record, Souvenirs. The song, “Gold Coast,” is one of the album’s many peaks in poetic, yet direct lyricism, showcasing Davis’ astounding ability to distill even the tiniest moment, to pinpoint even the smallest of feelings, and spin them into a dynamic narrative that instantly reels us in.

Shenandoah Davis grew up attached to the piano. Being homeschooled, she’d spend each day racing through her lessons so she’d have time to practice for as long as possible. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in opera performance, she packed up and moved to Seattle to pursue their music/arts scene. Davis has been based in Seattle for ten years now, but has spent nearly half of that time away from home, touring throughout North America and the globe both in support of her solo music as well as part of other bands. This extensive touring and DIY work ethic led Davis to write articles and publish zines, giving detailed advice to fellow musicians based on her own experiences recording and on the road, covering topics such as “The Art of Gratitude” and “Things That Will Probably Happen To You On Tour.” Her most recent full-length, 2011’s The Company We Keep (which peaked at #113 on CMJ’s Top 200), took her to New Zealand, Australia, and Portugal, and also led to coveted slots opening for The Lumineers, Laura Marling, Angel Olsen, and Martha Wainwright, to name a few.

Souvenirs is a breakup album, but not in the traditional sense. Recorded and produced by Sam Miller in his Brooklyn apartment, it delves into breakups both personal and professional, romantic and platonic, intimate and inanimate, shedding light upon seemingly inconsequential occurrences and illuminating their greater meanings and potential consequences in our lives. Its message is amplified by masterful vocals, driving piano, and sweeping orchestral arrangements, with horns and strings that were recorded at the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, where Davis’ younger sister had been studying.

In reviewing these breakup moments and putting them into song, Davis realized she had created a new kind of souvenir collection, snapshots of time and emotion that had previously gotten lost along the way. In doing so, Davis has crafted a record that is both deeply personal and wildly relatable, leaving listeners with the room we so crave for self-application and reflection, while solidifying her voice as a powerful and prominent songwriter.

All upcoming tour dates listed below.

RIYL: Mitski, Laura Marling, Angel Olsen, Martha Wainwright, Joanna Newsom, Regina Spektor

Start With: 2, 1, 5, 7                                FCC CLEAN

Shenandoah Davis Souvenirs by LouDaprilePhoto_HighRes-edit-6Photo credit: Lou Daprile


9/07 – Seattle, WA @ Gallery 1412

9/08 – Seattle, WA @ Everyday Music

9/09 – Seattle, WA @ Gallery 1412

9/10 – Seattle, WA @ Gallery 1412

9/16 – Portland, OR @ Alberta St. Pub w/Ritchie Young

9/17 – Ashland, OR @ House Show

9/19 – Sacramento, CA @ Eye St. Co-op – facebook event

9/20 – Bolinas, CA @ Gospel Flat Farmstand

9/21 – San Francisco, CA @ House Show

9/22 – Oakland, CA @ House Show – facebook event

9/23 – Boulder Creek, CA @ Lille Aeske w/Nick Jaina – facebook event

9/24 – Santa Cruz, CA @ House Show

9/27 – Los Angeles, CA @ House Show

9/28 – Los Angeles, CA @ HM157 w/Eliza Rickman – facebook event

10/01 – Flagstaff, AZ @ Firecreek Coffee – facebook event

10/02 – Tucson, AZ @ House Show

10/03 – Las Cruces, NM @ Art Obscura

10/04 – Santa Fe, NM @ Zephyr

10/06 – Denver, CO @ Ubisububi

10/07 – Silver Plume, CO @ Bread Bar

10/08 – Ft. Collins, CO @ Wolverine Publick House

10/09 – Boulder, CO @ House Show

10/10 – Lincoln, NE @ 1867 Bar

10/11 – Omaha, NE @ Reverb

10/12 – Iowa City, Iowa @ Public Space One

10/13 – Rock Island, IL @ Rozz-Tox

10/14 – Chicago, IL @ Cafe Mustache

10/15 – Chicago, IL @ Sofar Sounds House Show



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KINGSBOROUGH – 1544 is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

If you’ve been around for a couple years, you might remember that I worked Kingsborough debut album, titled The Night, The Grind, and the Woes, in the spring of 2015. Lots of you loved it. Now we’ve got their follow-up, and it’s easily as good if not better!! That last record spent 7 straight weeks on CMJ’s Top 200, peaking at #73, so I don’t see why we can’t beat that with this one (although on NACC this time around of course)! These California-based rockers make the kind of straight-ahead, American Rock and Roll that it’s hard not to love. (Think Black Keys, Cold War Kids, Alabama Shakes, Cage the Elephant, Kings of Leon.) Get some!

Kingsborough_1544_Approved Album_Artwork (3)



Kingsborough Music, LLC

1544 is a collection of stories that happen from the time you leave your “9 to 5” to the time your alarm tells you to do it all over again. It’s the late night adventures with friends, the twilight love affairs, the cold beers you drink after a long week. It’s all the things we use to escape the monotony or normalcy of life.

No Depression gushes about 1544: “Kingsborough integrates many faculties within the intricate music industry and possesses substantial talents of epic proportions when it comes to their versatility pertaining to ingenious musical innovation. This entire album, 1544, was self-produced and providentially holds substantial weight even amongst the top hip tier bands in the contemporary rock genre.”

1544 is the address where all the members of Kingsborough lived and wrote the album. Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Damien Lewis, this follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed debut, The Night, The Grind, and the Woes, charts a new sound for Kingsborough with more heavy-hitting songs like “Subtle Lies” (track 3), and their melodic tunes like “Hard on the Heart” (track 8) highlight their maturing songwriting chops. The first single off the album, “Low Down” (track 2), is currently featured on Spotify’s “Blues & Roots Rock” playlist and has garnered over 637,000 streams.

RIYL:Cage the Elephant, Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, Alabama Shakes, Cold War Kids

Start With: 3, 2, 6, 8                                FCC CLEAN

Kingsborough band pic - lower res- album


Aug 10 – Santa Rosa, CA – KRSH Backyard Concert Series

Aug 26 – Morgan Hill, CA – Myers Manor Music Fest

Aug 27 – Novato, CA – Hopmonk Tavern (KC Turner’s Cookout Series)

Sept 2 – Livermore, CA – Front Porch Music Festival

Sept 10 – Santa Clara, CA – Levi’s Stadium (Michael Mina’s 49er Tailgate)

Sept 16 – Petaluma, CA – The Mystic Theatre

Kingsborough Album Photo High Res

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BAND OF LOVERS – AMERICAN TOUR is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

Band of Lovers are so great. They’ve got the male/female co-leads folky vibe you catch from the Head & the Heart or Lord Huron, with some cool dreamy harmony stuff inspired by the Zombies. They’ve been on perpetual nationwide tour for a few years now and that’s basically the theme of this album, which is their second. (They also are literally on tour right now, so if you happen to be in MI, PA, NY, or NJ, hit me up about going to see ‘em!!) Also, FYI, this album is definitely 100% FCC CLEAN (there’s even a lyrics doc you can search for yourself if you don’t trust my word—it’s wrapped up in the download which I can happily send ya if you work at a radio station) – I mention that because there was a misprint on some of the stickers where it only says “FCC” (the “CLEAN” got cut off) and I only noticed it once something like 80 CDs had already been packed up with those stickers on ‘em and sealed into envelopes, so it’s possible you got a CD with a sticker on it that just confusingly said “FCC” with no further FCC details—it’s clean!! I promise!! For sure!! Sorry for the confusing labeling! Anyway, this band is great, you’re gonna love it, and then sometime soon you’ll surely have the opportunity to see them on their neverending tour! Do it!!

Band of Lovers AmericanTourCover




After four years of life on the road comes Band of Lovers’ sophomore album, American Tour. Its Americana aesthetic and chamber pop harmonies, born through the tests of constant motion and influences like Brian Wilson and the Zombies, started incubating when the band formed in 2013.

Dave Strumfeld, lead songwriter, singer, and guitarist, had been writing songs since childhood, but he credits this music to life on tour and his creative partnership with longtime friend Sabina Beachdell. “We’ve tried every incarnation of friendship, and the strongest one for us is this—traveling the country and turning that into music together.”

Beachdell, a lyricist, singer, and ukulele player in the band, came up with the group’s moniker in 2013, heavily influenced by her solo travels. “Meeting so many people around the country, I kept coming back to love—everyone is a lover. It’s the one thing we all have in common, and I feel like we should band together around it.”

This is precisely what drew Liliana Urbain—percussionist and singer—to the group. “I’d never seen a project so driven by this belief in love and art, and the call of the road. It was intoxicating.” So much so that after meeting by chance at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville in 2014, the trio decided to join forces. It was the same way they made most of their decisions— boldly, rashly, and without looking back.

What ensued was a whirlwind: love, heartbreak, copious amounts of songwriting, adventures, depression—some of the deepest highs and lows the band members had seen, apart or together.

All the while, the constants of the road and the music kept them going. “Anthem,” the album’s lead single and first track, became their warrior cry to the motion. “Long Day, Late Night” acknowledged how tired they’d become. “Carry You” rallied around the drive and the minimalist nature of it all. Together they chronicled heartache and triumphs, the call of the West and their own personal dreams.

Now in their fourth year on the road, the band is growing up and pushing onward. True to form, concurrent with the release of American Tour, they’re embarking on a five-month trek to hand deliver the album to nearly every corner of the country.

It’s music meant for motion. Take it with you – it’ll keep you company when the wanderlust kicks in and the open road awaits.

RIYL: The Head and the Heart, Wilco, Fleet Foxes, The Zombies, Lord Huron, Shakey Graves

Start With: 1, 11, 5, 4, 2                                FCC CLEAN



6/16 – Boyne City, MI – Stroll The Streets

6/16 – Bangor, MI – Hoodilidoo

6/18 – Grand Haven, MI – C3

6/24 – Indianapolis, IN – The Upside Down House Concert w/ Chad Lehr

6/29 – Port Huron, MI – Schwonk Sound Stead

6/30 – Lake Orion, MI – 20 Front Street /w The Goetz Girls

7/1 – Lake Orion, MI – 20 Front Street w/ The Rough and Tumble

7/3 – Algonac, MI – Pickarel Tournament (Algonac Lions Club)

7/6 – Geneva, OH – M Cellars – Take Steps from Crohn’s & Colitis Benefit show w/ Gage Brothers

7/11 – Pittsburgh, PA – Hospitality House Concert w/ Buffalo Rose

7/15 – New York, NY—Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

7/16 – Egg Harbor City, NJ – Folk Across the Street


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My newest record is the shoegazey goodness of Monster Movie – the newest release from my good pals at Graveface Records!! OMG!! This one came to you as a DOWNLOAD ONLY (you could preview it by streaming it on their Bandcamp here). If you haven’t heard of Monster Movie, that’s okay—they’ve been around for like over 15 years, but this is their first release since 2010. They’re a British shoegaze/dream pop band, featuring Christian from SLOWDIVE (not formerly—he’s still a current Slowdive member, too!) and Sean from Eternal! On this record they’ve also got a second guy from Slowdive (Nick), James Harrison from Air Formation, and it was produced by Ryan Graveface (the guy who runs the label, and also, btw, plays as dreamend and in The Casket Girls). Basically, this is RIYL Slowdive, or I mean just RIYL good music, it is catchy and layered and memorable and GOOD!

monster movie album cover



Graveface Records & Curiosities

Christian Savill and Sean Hewson have been in bands together since the late ’80s. In 1989, one of these bands, Eternal, released a single on Sarah Records called “Breathe” that featured the dreamy, fuzzed out guitars soaring over pop melodies that Christian brings to any project he is a part of. Sean was missing for that but returned for a shambolic gig supporting Slowdive and Chapterhouse in Reading. Shortly afterwards, and with some justification, Christian left to join Slowdive.

Ten years later, Christian and Sean formed Monster Movie in a failed attempt to go Krautrock. In 2001, they released their first EP on Clairecords which contained a few seconds of Krautrock but was mainly dreamy, fuzzed out guitars soaring over pop melodies. In the years spanning 2002-2010 Monster Movie put out four full-length albums, a mini album, and a few EPs, the majority of which were released on Graveface Records.

Since 2014 Christian has also been involved with Slowdive’s reunion and subsequent touring. The band have just released “Star Roving,” their first single in 22 years. Slowdive’s reappearance has also had a positive effect on Monster Movie with Sean and Christian realising that they needed to move away from being a studio project and become a proper band. For their latest and strongest album, Keep The Voices Distant, they were joined by James Harrison from Air Formation on drums and Nick Chaplin (Slowdive) on bass with Christian and Sean contributing guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. Since September 2015 Monster Movie have been Kev Wells (guitar/vocals/everything), Sean Hewson (bass/vocals/everything), Christian Savill (guitar/vocals/everything) and James Harrison (drums/vocals/everything).

Keep The Voices Distant is Monster Movie’s fifth album and their first record since 2010’s Everyone Is a Ghost. It was recorded with Martin Nichols at White House Recording Studios in Weston-super-Mare and produced by Ryan Graveface. As with all Monster Movie releases, it is a combination of Christian and Sean’s song-writing, playing, arrangements, general grumpiness and chaotic, personal lives. This time, however, with James, Nick and Ryan in the studio with them, the songs have really been allowed to take off.

RIYL: Slowdive, Eternal, Night School, Air Formation, Whirr, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, Ringo Deathstarr, Ride

Start With: 6, 5, 1                               FCC CLEAN

monster movie 2

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BRIGHT BROWN – SOFT LANDINGS is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

My newest record is some good pals of mine from my time living in NYC, Bright Brown! I met the bandleader Alex when we worked together (me as a door person/stage manager, he as a sound engineer) at a venue in Brooklyn. And I was instantly won over by his sweet personality as well as super impressed when he told me he used to play in John Vanderslice’s band as well as work as a recording engineer sometimes at JV’s famous San Francisco recording studio, Tiny Telephone. Yeah!! Since moving to NY he joined forces with a drummer, Nick Smeraski, and started Bright Brown, which is a cool classic rock-influenced outfit that occasionally (my favorite parts) includes vocal touches added by kids—last album included Alex’s own kid, and this one includes my favorite track, “Less Tunnel More Light” (track 7), featuring the Brooklyn Youth Chorus (which also includes Alex’s son). Another cool thing this band uses is the rarely seen chapman stick—which is usually associated with instrumental/experimental jazz. Alex is one of very few singer/songwriters/rock musicians (if there are any others) who plays one, which allows them to get a a huge ethereal sound as just a duo. You should look into this, it is cool!

bright brown Soft Landings Front Cover




Bright Brown is sonic cinema. The Brooklyn based ethereal, avant-indie duo of vocalist and Chapman Stick player Alex Nahas and drummer Nick Smeraski evoke a visual sound that is at once epic, poetic, and intimate. Their new record, Soft Landings, also features the rich embellishments of piano, organ, and a childrens’ choir. Where Bright Brown’s previous release, Oceans, deals with embarking on reckless searches to find meaning, Soft Landings deals with finding safe places to retreat to during those journeys grappling with themes of time passing and acceptance of who you are. Songs like “Tick Tock” and “Sloop” are realizations that time is sailing past, while the spiritual “Less Tunnel More Light” and “Wide” are pleas to find inspiration from what’s inside us or readily within our reach.

bright brown J Child Screen Shot 6

RIYL: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, New Order, David Bowie, Flaming Lips, John Vanderslice

Start With: 7, 3, 1                                         FCC CLEAN


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SCARVES – MALL GOTHS is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!!

I’m so excited about this FRICKIN’ KILLER record by my Seattle BFFs Scarves, which is doing so great so far!! The album title is MALL GOTHS which is maybe all you need to know, just go listen to it now. It’s great. You may remember them from the record Empty Houses that I did a radio campaign for back in 2014 (#128 on the Top 200!). This record is even better. Like you may possibly recall if you’ve been around for a couple years, they play mathy, literate, talky, emo-inflected indie pop, a la Joan of Arc, who by the way they opened for in Seattle a few weeks ago. KEXP is already playing them, as are a lot of the rest of you—get on board if you’re dragging, and let’s shoot for a lofty-ish goal and get Scarves into the Top 50 this time around!!!!

scarves mall goths album cover web




Scarves only seems to be getting better and more self-assured over time. Scarves combines a jarring mixture of Northwest indie, math rock, and classic emo to create an emotional landscape more relatable than many of the other indie rock outfits out there, if only for their stark honesty and abrasive attempt at human connection. “ KEXP

Mall Goths is an album comprised of ten vignettes depicting characters along the I-5 corridor between Bellingham, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Struggling against their reality, desperate for rebellion, yet inextricably stuck, they fall in love in one city and break up in the next, all over meticulously unhinged instrumentals.

Scarves was formed in mid-2013 by Niko Stathakopoulos of Silicon Girls, Marshall Verdoes of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, and David Price of Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. All three found themselves in bands in the midst of implosion, and wanted a creative outlet that existed simply for the sake of making art and blowing off steam. The project took on real significance for Stathakopoulos when they began work on their debut release, TV EP (2013), with Sam Anderson of Hey Marseilles. “Lyrics suddenly became super important to me,” relates Stathakopoulos. “Suddenly our slacker rock sensibility wasn’t enough. I wanted our songs to mean something, to tell a story.”

After touring behind TV EP for a few months, they headed back to Soundhouse in Seattle to record their first full length, Empty Houses, with Dylan Wall (So Pitted, Craft Spells). Scarves toured lightly in support of the release, and once again, discord crept into the project: “I am the only original left,” says Stathakopoulos. “During that time, we went through 11 members.” In late 2015, drummer Cael Watts and bassist Hector Rodriguez III joined Stathakopoulos, and the band got back to work. Newly invigorated, the band booked time at Chris Walla’s legendary Hall of Justice studio for their next record.

Written while Stathakopoulos was travelling continuously through the Northwest, the record crackles with the bleary-eyed intensity of too many hours spent flying down the highway. “My girlfriend at the time was living in Portland, so I would drive eight hours from Bellingham to see her,” says Stathakopoulos, “or I would drive two hours to practice with my band who all lived in Seattle. We would practice and get the instrumentals done together, then record them on an iPhone, and I would drive around listening to the little blown out audio files and just sort of diary over them.”

Tonally, Mall Goths can be broken into two sides, the first half hopeful, the second heavy and tinted with hindsight. “Dissolve” charts the brutality inherent in the service industry, while “Slasher Flicks” looks enviously at the simple life/death duality of horror films, a welcome reprieve from the complicated emotional minutiae of the average day. Against a backdrop of tall pines and freeways, Stathakopoulos sketches snapshots of banal reality and the inevitable longing for escape. Wrap yourself in Scarves’ angular guitars and intriguing melodies, and perhaps you’ll find that it’s in the ubiquitous details of daily reality that our shared humanity dwells.

RIYL: Joan of Arc, American Football, Cursive, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Dismemberment Plan

Start With: 4, 6, 10

FCC: 1 says “goddammit”; 10 says “damn” and “dick”; otherwise CLEAN

scarves img 1


April 27—Vera Project—Seattle, WA

April 28th—Neurolux—Boise, ID

April 30th—Vague Space—Salt Lake City, UT

May 1st—Lost Lake—Denver, CO

May 2nd—Daytrotter—Davenport, IA

May 3rd—Tonic Room—Chicago, IL

May 12th—The Know—Portland, OR


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BEAR THE WEATHER – RAMPANT (SEE AMERICA, PT 1) is at Top 200 Radio Now!!!

My first add of 2017 came via a recommendation from a friend, and true to that friend’s form, Bear the Weather is lovely. They’re a Seattle-based folky band—a bit of a twang, a bit of a 90s alt influence, a lot of posi vibes and earnest spirit. It’s going for spins both on CMJ/Top 200 and AAA or folk rotations, if that’s a format you do. It’s a nice 5-track EP so we can start this year off right together! We made our CMJ debut at #179, in a week that may possibly have been the last CMJ chart ever?? STILL HARD TO SAY, but if so that was a great way to go out, and if not, well I’d love to see this record keep on climbing it!! And if so, let’s still push it up on the other charts, I’ve seen it pop up on NACC and Muzooka too!! You should DEFINITELY have a hard copy of this one, except for the very small number of you who I know prefer downloads—I sent hard copies to basically every single station I’m aware of existing. Check it out!

btw Cover Image




Rampant (See America, pt 1) is the debut EP from Bear the Weather, which comprises Tennessee singer-songwriter Michael Fielden and a collective of folk, rock, and jazz musicians from Seattle, WA. The members of BTW draw upon their diverse musical influences and backgrounds to form a sound that is roots-oriented but forward thinking, powerful but sophisticated. When combined with Fielden’s insightful songs of exploration and hard-won humanity, the results are unforgettable.

See America is a tribute to those who disappear in order to understand the darkness. The intrepid dropouts. The penitent romantics. The beatified losers. The strangers inside ourselves.

RIYL: Head and the Heart, Jason Isbell, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Cass McCombs, Dawes, Band of Horses, Tobias the Owl

Start With: 3, 1, 2                                                           FCC CLEAN


Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Photography


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The gorgeous HILLARY SUSZ truly rules. If you dug that new Angel Olsen album from last week, you’re going to find a lot to like in this one. She likes to describe her sound as “music for hip lesbians”. Ha! I bet you know some of those!! Also though you don’t have to share any part of those identity descriptors to appreciate it, her music is transcendent. A remarkable, nearly operatic voice coupled with deeply poetic lyrics and some pretty interesting non-traditional song structure. Impose Magazine agreed when they premiered her song “Dead Stars” (Track 3) and talked about her “stunning songwriting talents”. The Wild Honey Pie called her voice “the love child of Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen” (they were talking about “Pollution”, Track 1). You’re gonna love it.





Hillary Susz is a poetically driven songwriter and guitarist based in Boulder, CO. She draws influence from a variety of genres: freak folk, ambient pop, psychedelic, jazz and soul. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Western Washington University and is a current fiction candidate of the University of Colorado’s M.F.A. program.

Susz’s distinctive, operatic vocals and angular, effects-laden guitar work feature prominently in her songs, which often eschew conventional structure along the complex twists and turns of their narrative course. Her unique voice is as real as rent, as serious as broken bones and as ominous as both, with the capacity to shift volume with an overwhelming power that balances the immediacy of her pain with the sardonic turns her lyrics often explore. She shifts down in pitch where most vocalists would climb, and the result is a stemming of emotion and mounting of pressure toward a tense anticlimactic mood that is both genuine and haunting.

Coming from a formal background of both poetry and creative writing, Hillary’s lyrics are the defining element of her music, painting striking and memorable imagery within songs that balance blunt commentary on lived experience with an honest, funny, and occasionally sardonic take on both lesbian love and ordinary life. They make poetic leaps that turn natural and organic with the power to evoke the same surprise and often wonder of epiphany. Her arrangements cohesively nurture eccentricities– creating releases and modern sound-scapes that are gigantic, effortless, dreamy and catchy. For a solo act, her sound is full with disciplined instrumental virtue. Hillary Susz is tuneful and full of uproar, out to create songs that are concise, inventive and re-playable.

“She possesses strength in her conviction and vocals, grace and poise in her presentation, and a well-read student of poetry and creative writing, which in turn lends itself to her stunning songwriting talents.”   – Impose Magazine

RIYL: Angel Olsen, Jeff Buckley, Neko Case, PJ Harvey, Julien Baker, Sharon Van Etten

Start With: 3, 9, 5, 1                                                           FCC: 6, 7


Contact me for a download link if you’re a radio rep!

Twitter: @HillarySusz

Instagram: @hillsusz