look what i did!

hey there, friends and strangers!

so i am starting up a company. it is called the band mom. aside from the artist management i’ve been doing for over a year now, i’m pleased to announce that my first TWO projects will be hitting college/non-comm radio in february! look out for more details on that [hint: current projects page], but for now, feel free to check out the site, send me any feedback, and let’s generally play get-to-know-you a little bit.

in that spirit, i recently posted my year-end 2008 lists on the facebook. they are way overly extensive so if you have a few weeks to kill point yourself on over there. as a taste, here were my top 10 albums of the year:

1. why?-alopecia
2. mountain goats-heretic pride
3. pattern is movement-all together
4. the pharmacy-choose yr own adventure
5. mt. eerie with julie doiron & fred squire-lost wisdom
6. anathallo-canopy glow
7. adam green-sixes & sevens
8. starfucker-s/t
9. pomegranates-everything is alive
10. cut copy-in ghost colours

so there are some things that i like.

stay tuned for more news soon!!


spaghetti cat.

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