Paul Van Dyk going for TOP 10 now!!!

Hey you guys!

I’ve got a super-important thing to talk to you about this week. The thing is, PAUL VAN DYK has been hovering in the Top 15 on CMJ’s RPM charts for the past 4 weeks now. Last week it hit #12 for the third time! This is getting downright silly. Normally with any no-name artist’s record, I would be way psyched about this kind of performance, but with this guy – the GREATEST DJ IN THE WORLD – it’s killing me that he is so obviously top 10 material and not quite up there!

We are SO CLOSE, don’t give up now!! I still believe we have a real chance of hitting that top 10 spot. But I need your help! So we’re giving it one last huge push this week. RPM directors, encourage any of your djs who might possibly be interested in Paul to give this guy a spin this week! Who knows, somebody skeptical might even be pleasantly surprised. A ton of you have already had it at #1 for weeks now, but if there’s space on your chart for the album to move up, even pushing it up a spot or two would be a huge help. And if it’s been close to charting for a little while, you’ve got this week to show yourself!! And whatever you do, don’t let it drop off just yet. Come on, let’s make this happen!!!

We also sent out two sets of remixes recently to up the ante a little: remember these are not going for chart action themselves, but just serve as little incentives to play Paul even more. “Home” and “For An Angel” are both available along with the full-album 2-disc set – contact me for download links!

In case just hearing this fantastic album and knowing who this guy is isn’t encouragement enough, here are some words from your fellow RPM DJs/MDs:

International dance god. Should I bother writing more? This guy will fill any size stadium with tens of thousands of people… and every single person will be dancing. It’s like a religious experience, not even kidding. If you don’t know who Paul Van Dyk is you have not lived! Play something off this right now! Don’t know where to start? My favorites are: Disc 1 – Tracks 2, 12 and 13. Disc 2 – tracks 6, 7, and 10. – Emily/KAMP, Tucson, AZ

The show was so awesome! The dancing was incredible. He was everything I hoped it would be and more! – Skye/WRVU, Nashville, TN after a live show

Paul van Dyk is quite legendary. That’s pretty much why he’s on my chart. – Max/WWHR, Bowling Green, KY

I’m gonna put it so far above #1 it’ll be at like negative 14! – Jeremy/WIDR, Kalamazoo, MI

Oh yeah that’s one of the best things we have going at rpm right now. he really is the best dj ever, or i guess that’s arguable but definitely at least the most popular dj ever… it’s Paul Van Dyk for f***’s sake, we’re talking about one of the most important or influential djs of all time. still such an important figure – Brian/WUTK, Knoxville, TN

Paul Van Dyk is tighhhhht dude! – Dave/WCKS, Allendale, MI


Ha. So there you have it. Okay! Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else. Now BREAK – go team, for real, we can do this!!!!!

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