Well, I forgot to tell you (you being The Internet, of course) about this when it happened, but after 6 weeks of a successful RPM campaign [remember this post?], we decided to see what would happen if we switched the focus over to Top 200 instead. So we sent out 250 new CDs (this time with a Band Mom sticker in addition to a LIFT one!) and I started talking them up as a rock band and not just a dance act. Cool!

So far, it’s going pretty well. Reception is positive on the whole, and those stations who were already playing it at RPM have been very nice about switching it over on their charts. Thanks, you guys! They are a dance-punk band after all, with at least as much punk as dance. We haven’t hit the Top 200 charts though, so that’s the goal this week. Let’s do it!!

I saw these guys play in Cleveland last month, and they’re definitely the real deal. Very good at looking and playing like rock stars (and very nice dudes!)

The smoke machine was a little much but I guess that is something you just have to deal with when you have a laser show, right?

(As a side note, this COMPLETELY INSANE movie was playing in the background, it seems to have been some kinda labor of love by Danny Elfman and a bunch of his family members on LOTS OF DRUGS in 1982)


Anyway, also during that trip to Cleveland I got a cool tour of Shakedown’s record label’s offices and studios, Reversed Image Unlimited/Ante Up Audio.

Alex from WJCU (and my hometown of Mentor!) came along!

She is a rockstar. Also, Chuck Moseley, formerly of Faith No More, was recording there.


Crazy! Anyway, all of this to say, Cleveland is pretty cool, no matter what these
videos tell you, and CHART THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN ON TOP 200 THIS WEEK!


: )

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