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Hey buddies!

It’s been a bit so I just wanted to keep your sweet curious faces posted on what’s been going on in Band Mom Town lately. Turns out, lots of things! I’m light on Band Mom priorities at Top 200 but heavy on RPM ones through LIFT for the next couple weeks; my next Band Mom rock add will probably be mid-to-late September (announcement soon on who!) and I’ve got two current LIFT priorities you’ll be seeing posts on here soon about as well.

As for the older stuff, thought I should let you know, WE DID IT! We made it onto the Top 200 chart with This Is A Shakedown at kind of the last minute. At #156! Not too shabby!! Thanks so much for all your help, radio dudes! That one was certainly a marathon with 6 weeks on RPM then 7 at Top 200, but we pulled it off. Sean Walsh also snuck on the chart for a second time recently; I’ll still be mildly pushing him for a few victory-lap weeks while we regroup and prepare for the next wave of new stuff. In fact, you guys, something important has been going on which I think merits its own paragraph:


omg. Whuuuuut. I hope I didn’t just jinx it. That’s 13 records, or a total of 14 campaigns counting shakedown’s double run, since the beginning of 2009. For the sake of letting you know the follow up on my previous posts, I think the only goal I set that I didn’t quite reach was Paul Van Dyk at #10, but it did hit #12 3 times (and 13, and 15) so it’s not like that was a wash or anything. Yes! Band Mom on a roll!!!

(Google Image Search: YAYYY)

Aside from just Total Domination in All My Projects, I’ve had a real nice few weeks, seeing a bunch of old friends and making some new ones along the way. Thought I’d show you some of ’em!

Well, for one thing, my buddy Jesse Stensby‘s band, We Became Actors, from Minnesota, played their first ever NYC show. It was real fun, and I was there, and so was Cynthia from WBWC, and then we all had a nice little sleepover (except for Cynthia, who has her own bed), but my camera was busted, so I have no proof. Also a few days before that I caught Black Moth Super Rainbow, Deer Tick, and Luke from WITR in town at shows all in the same day. It was awesome and again, undocumented. So here I am bloggin about it! For the record, those all count as Old Friends.


Then I got a new camera, and saw Old Friend Kayla from KUPS (/AAM/Domino)! We watched Tom and Summer’s Infinite Playlist and ate some Red Mango (a Pinkberry knockoff) in Union Square at midnight. She wishes she went to the School of the Future.


A few days after that, I went record/movie shopping and shared delicious pierogies (the food of my ancestors, which spell check somehow doesn’t know is a word) with the adorable Deirdre from WCHC. She is both an Old Friend and a New Friend, because it was the first time we met in person, but we’ve known each other for 2 years now! Radio is so silly.


Next up was Old Friends Jukebox the Ghost, who got sweaty opening for (not-friends, possibly even with each other as they are breaking up) Harvey Danger:


Last but definitely not least, just last night I had the pleasure of catching Old Friends the Extraordinaires (who normally have 4+ members) as a two-piece:


Who played with (I hope New Friend!) Tavo Carbone, who premiered their/his new album in live show form. It was lovely, reminded me of Bowerbirds meets Mountain Goats plus maybe a little They Might Be Giants (whoa!)…like quirky but also pastoral, sardonic but lush. I don’t write music reviews:


Yeah! Alright well and, since I am already bloggin’ a bloggg here, and I haven’t blabbed about movies in a while, here is a short list of movie-related things:

Favorite 2 movies I’ve seen since Adventureland (see previous gush about that one): Away We Go and The Brothers Bloom

2 movies I saw recently where directors did Q&As afterward: Cold Souls and Deadgirl

2 best parts of Funny People: Yo Teach and RAAAAAAANDY

2 older movies I just saw for the first time that are currently changing my life: Brazil and Boogie Nights

2 awesome new web series I just watched: Pilot Season (Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, Jon Benjamin making hollywood jokes, actually from 2004 but re-releasing now) and Back On Topps (Randy and Jason Sklar, starts funny and insider-y about sports, gets funnier and slightly less insider-y)

1 new rom-com Sandra Bullock vehicle I’m pitching to studios, in which she plays a fallen angel who has been burned by love but then meets Gerard Butler who slowly beats down her inhibitions: Goodwill Toward Men

Guess which one of those facts is not true.



Stay tuned for updates on all the new LIFT stuff going on!

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