DJ BROC at RPM Now!!


There are a bunch of new irons in the LIFT fire these days.

The first one I haven’t yet mentioned comes from a mister DJ Broc. This guy makes some smooth house-, almost trance-like original tracks for your listening pleasure. They just roll off your back in waves. On top of the bed of “bliss” (bad album puns coming right up!) floats female vocalist K-Rai, among a few others.



Thump Records/Universal

This record had a great debut at #34 after a #3 most added slot at RPM. It’s been a few weeks since it slipped off though, so let’s bring that bad boy back on there! Those DJs who were going wild for Paul Van Dyk’s original stuff would have a pretty good chance at getting into this – not that it’s an exact replica or anything, but in a similar vein.

Let’s do it up!! Listen here:

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