JOSEPH KECKLER – Featured Creatures going for Top 200 Adds Now!!!

Yes! Time to get 2011 going, right?!? Like for real, it’s a new year. Has been for a while actually, but like, let’s get serious about it. I have a new Band Mom add!!

I first met Joseph Keckler about three years ago, as a part of my ongoing quest to befriend his entire family (his cousins are Michael Cadiz of The Terrordactyls and also Melaena Cadiz!!). That family is so awesome at everything. Joseph, the newest addition to the Band Mom stable, is a classically trained operatic vocalist and wild performance artist. I’m pretty excited about his work across a lot of media, and I know that you guys who are a little more adventurous in taste, ie not afraid to try new things, are going to FREAK OUT about this!!! READ ON!




An iguana, a hustler, a woodland creature on a quest to recover his severed tail, and a kamikaze on a mission from hell: these are the featured creatures in the world Joseph Keckler creates on his debut EP. Combining eerie ballads with theatrical torch songs, blues and opera with synth pop, this music will resonate in your soul and Keckler’s powerful voice will thrill you like a rollercoaster on a ride through the underworld.

Joseph is an operatically trained singer, musician, writer and performance artist, well known in NYC for his stream of consciousness soliloquies and personality-shifting spectacles. His work explores the gap between theater and life and establishes unexpected connections between art, identity, and contemporary alienation. Joseph is currently working on a collection of his stories, new videos, and a performance that will premiere at NYC’s PS122 in the spring. He can be seen at the SXSW Music Festival in March.

Keckler commands the stage with erotic bravado, launches into dramatic monologues and embodies so many different personae that you can’t help but wonder whether he’s possessed by spirits or if his body cannot help but channel all of the voices in his head. Sensual, cathartic, overwrought and deeply philosophical, his psychotic twists and turns can bring his audience either to tears (from laughter) or to a numbed silence.” -New York Press

Think: David Sedaris meets Diamanda Galas” -The Village Voice

RIYL: Antony & The Johnsons, Bryan Scary, David Bowie, Queen, Patrick Wolf, Nick Cave

Start With: 5, 6, 2 FCC CLEAN

Contact me for a download link!

He’s going for CMJ adds NOW (Jan 31/Feb 1) – let’s do this!!!!

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