The Band Mom <3s Seattle

Hey you! So, here’s a thing: you may have noticed that somehow, the last 3 adds I’ve had this summer/fall have all been from the same magical land: Seattle. That’s kind of a coincidence, but on the other hand it’s not really a coincidence at all, because I love Seattle so much. Also I met Tennis Pro through the Terrordactyls and I met Shenandoah Davis through a friend who I met through the Terrordactyls, so really what this comes down to is the Terrordactyls rule my life I guess.

In any event, these three records are doing SO GREAT! Ever since hitting #11 Most Added on CMJ’s Top 20 adds, Tennis Pro has been tearing up the charts. They’ve hit a CMJ chart every week since we started this thing, so far peaking just over halfway up the big’n at #96. They’ve also showed up a couple of times on the Mediaguide Self-Released Select charts that I get in a weekly email, which seems like a big deal? And they ALSO picked up a totally rad review from Seattle’s Three Imaginary Girls, who had this to say:

Honestly, where previous (third) album Are You There, God? It’s Me Tennis Pro perfectly sort-of evoked the dark, down edges of the ’00s (indie feeling creepy about the good times being almost gone), the band has brought a whole new barefoot, mock the cops before you get the pepper spray, antagonistic playfulness recalling their balls-hanging-beneath-the-dress live shows. The trio is a briskly playing, siren-winding shit-hot blur of sweet power pop and post-psyche on this fifteen track creature of joy. There’s still some serious messages here beneath the messing-your-mind-up hilarity (the clap-dazed and Gary Glitter-crunchy “Clothing Optional Christian Barbecue,” the vividly visceral “Song Detergents”), but every other track is a straight ahead MAKE THIS A TOP TEN HIT Fountains Of Wayne and Weezer first LP-type hit. My first pick: “Make You Think You Want Me,” which I think I hear on a thousand radio stations with a true clue right now.

Hint hint, radio!!!!

The Terrordactyls are also totally killing it! After jumping on #8 Most Added, they’re leaping their way up the Top 200 chart, this last week landing at its highest point so far at #87. WOO!! If I remember correctly, their 2007 self-titled album reached #67 on that same chart, so the goal is to beat that one. I think we can do it!!

I saw Michael Cadiz (of the Terrordactyls) play the Terrordactyls song “Come Home” during his sister Melaena Cadiz (of my previous work)’s last set during her residency at the Ace Hotel a couple weeks ago. It was awesome!! It was the first time I’d seen Michael perform, outside of band practices and recording sessions I’d snooped on and weird karaoke nights, for about 3 years. Worth the wait.

Their cousin Joseph Keckler (also of my previous work) also jumped onstage to join them right after that. It was a magical family night! I think these three should probably just form their own band and call it a day. Joseph didn’t stand there with his eyes closed that whole time, I promise, but that is how he was when I took this picture:


PLUS ALSO, things are going swimmingly with Shenandoah Davis, your favorite new lovely warblevoiced ladysinger. Last week she busted effortlessly onto the scene at #14 Most Added on CMJ. In fact, she also recently did a Daytrotter session that turned out absolutely perfectly, as Daytrotter sessions are wont to do:

Aaaand she’s out NOW on a massive national tour! If you live basically anywhere in the United States now is your chance to see her, and if you are at a radio station basically anywhere in the United States now is your chance to have her in for an instudio or an interview or whatever (hit me up about that!): Shenandoah Davis fall 2011 tour dates:

8/14 – PORTLAND, OR @ The Old Church (with Harlowe and the Great North Woods, Ezza Rose and Ben Meyercord)​ent.php?eid=22273547777180​3

8/15 – EUGENE, OR @ SONG (with Betty and the Boy)​ent.php?eid=25534976115757​9

8/16 – CORVALLIS, OR @ The Troubadour (with Eric Nordby)

8/17 – COTTAGE GROVE, OR @ Axe & Fiddle (with Broken Spoke)

8/18 – ARCATA, CA @ The Green House (message for address)

8/19 – REDDING, CA @ Maxwell’s (with Jupiter)

8/20 – CHICO, CA @ outdoor festival (afternoon)

8/20 – DAVIS, CA @ Sophia’s Thai Kitchen (with Yesway and Bright Archer)


8/21 – DAVIS, CA @ Armadillo Records In-Store (4 pm)

8/21 – GRASS VALLEY, CA @ The Tin House (with Yesway and Foxtail)​ent.php?eid=22445606426792​3

8/23 – BERKELEY, CA @ Caffe Trieste (with Yesway)

8/24 – FOLSOM, CA @ Folsom State Prison (with Yesway)

8/24 – SACRAMENTO, CA @ Marilyn’s On K (with Yesway and Eric Nordby)​ent.php?eid=27082149293230​4

8/25 – FOLSOM, CA @ Folsom State Prison (with Yesway)

8/25 – OAKLAND, CA @ Mama Buzz Cafe (with Yesway and Hello Mtn)​m/

8/26 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Viracocha (with Yesway and Tiny Home)

8/27 – NEVADA CITY, CA @ Nevada City Bizarre (1-3 PM w/ Yeswway)

8/27- FOLSOM, CA @ House Show (with Yesway, message for address)

8/28 – SUNNYVALE, CA @ Golan House (with Yesway)

8/31 – SANTA CRUZ @ The Crepe Place (with Yesway and Matador)


9/2 – MONTEREY, CA @ Alternative Cafe (with Dakota Belle Wit)

9/3 – SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA @ tba (with Eliza Rickman) ** HELP

9/4 – SANTA BARBARA, CA @ tba (with Eliza Rickman) ** HELP

9/5 – SAN DIEGO, CA @ Park Gallery (with Eliza Rickman)

9/6 – LOS ANGELES, CA @ Hotel Cafe (with Eliza Rickman)

9/7 – LAS VEGAS, NV @ Beat Cafe (with Eliza Rickman)

9/8 – PROVO, UT @ Velour (with The Mighty Sequoia and Adam Klopp)

9/9 – FORT COLLINS, CO @ KRFC (on-air @ noon)

9/9 – FORT COLLINS, CO @ Everyday Joe’s (with Ian Cooke)

9/10 – DENVER, CO @ Mercury Cafe (with Spirits of the Red City)

9/11 – BOULDER, CO @ Caffe Sole (with Golden Ghost)

9/13 – LINCOLN, NE @ Clawfoot House (with Meaner Pencil)

9/14 – AMES, IA @ tba

9/15 – FAIRFIELD, IA @ The Beauty Shop

9/16 – ROCK ISLAND, IL @ Rozz Tox

9/17 – BELOIT, WI @ C-haus

9/18 – MILWAUKEE, WI @ Mad Planet (with John Muther)

9/20 – EVANSTON, IL @ WNUR in-studio (on-air @ 5:30)

9/20 – CHICAGO, IL @ The Spaceship (message for address)

9/21- CHICAGO, IL @ The Whistler (w/ The Minneapolis Henrys)

9/22 – ST. LOUIS, MO @ Pops Blue Moon

9/23 – FARMINGTON, MO @ The Vault

9/24 – COLUMBIA, MO @ Blue Fugue

9/25 – BLOOMINGTON, IN @ The Bishop

9/26 – CINCINNATI, OH @ tba (with Boyfriend)

9/27 – COLUMBUS, OH @ Spoonful Records (with Bad Heart Bull)

9/28 – COLUMBUS, OH @ Brothers Drake Meadery (with Time & Temperature)

9/29 – PITTSBURGH, PA @ Carnegie Mellon U.

9/30 – PITTSBURGH, PA @ tba


10/1 – BUFFALO, NY @ The Vault

10/2 – ITHACA, NY @ Delilah’s


10/5 – PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

10/6 – NEW YORK, NY @ tba

10/7 – PROVIDENCE, RI @ AS220 (with Prairie Empire)

10/8 – NORTH ADAMS, MA @ Union & Field Presents (with Prairie Empire)

10/9 – BOSTON, MA @ the Sock Hop (with Prairie Empire)

10/10 – PORTLAND, ME @ tba (with Prairie Empire)

10/12 – NEW YORK, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall

10/13 – NEW HAVEN, CT @ tba (with Cabinet of Natural Curiosities)

10/14 – NORTHAMPTON, MA @ tba **(Help, please!)

10/15-17 – BOSTON AREA tba ***(HELP, please!)

10/18 – BURLINGTON, VT @ Taz Michaels Show on The Radiator

10/19 – HANOVER, NH @ Dartmouth College

10/20 – BELFAST, ME @ tba

10/21 – BIDDEFORD, ME @ the Oak and the Ax

10/22 – BURLINGTON, VT @ the Skinny Pancake (with John Craigie)

10/23 – MONTREAL @ tba

10/26 – BRATTLEBORO, VT @ tba

10/27 – HUDSON, NY @ tba

10/28 – BROOKLYN, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store

10/30 – WASHINGTON, DC @ tba **(HELP!)


11/1 – BALTIMORE, MD @ Cyclops Books

11/2 – NORFOLK, VA @ tba *** (HELP, please!)

11/3 – DURHAM, NC @ the Pinhook

11/4 – ASHEVILLE, NC @ the LAB

11/5 – ATHENS, GA @ tba ** HELP!!!

11/6 – ATLANTA, GA @ tba

11/8 – TUSCALOOSA, AL @ Green Bar

11/9-10 NEW ORLEANS, LA @ tba

11/11 – BATON ROUGE, LA/ HOUSTON, TX @ tba

11/12 – AUSTIN, TX @ Saxon Pub (with Jack Wilson and the Blue Hit)

11/15 – DALLAS, TX @ tba

11/16 – DENTON, TX @ tba ***HELP!!!

11/17 – NORMAN, OK @ Opolis (with Penny Hill)

11/18 – ALBUQUERQUE, NM @ Gold House

11/19 – SANTA FE, NM @ tba (with World History, Real Live Tigers)

11/20 – LAS CRUCES, NM @ tba

11/22 – TUCSON, AZ @ tba

11/23 – PHOENIX, AZ @ Yellow Canary

11/25 – LOS ANGELES, CA @ tba

11/26 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ tba


12/1 – PORTLAND, OR @ tba

12/2 – TACOMA, WA @ tba

12/3 – SEATTLE, WA @ tba


PHEW! I told you it was long. Here is a link with more info about that. GO SEE HER!! If you live in any of those ‘TBA’/’Help!’ places let me know if you’d like to help out! And have her in your studio if you work at a radio station!!

ALSO, I’ve spent at least a week at a time in and around Seattle every year since 2008, making the trip I have planned for the 17th-26th of this month Year 4 of my annual pilgrimage. Last year I did a bunch of totally sweet Band Mom-related stuff, like visited a buncha sweetheart radio stations. One of my favorite things to do is to make music directors pose awkwardly at their desks as though they are talking to me on the phone so I can picture them like that forever. Exhibits A, B, and C:

KAOS (at Evergreen College in Olympia):

And also Rainy Dawg Radio (at UW in Seattle):

Aaaaand also KEXP (also UW-affiliated, through more loosely, in Seattle). Chris Mak is not a music director but he is totally a volunteer there:

Looking forward to repeats and new faces this year. I LOVE YOU SEATTLE!!!

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