this week rules!

i’ve had a pretty fantastic past seven days.

my beautiful friends sarah cass and joel davenport were in town, and sarah being a world-class photographer, sweetly slummed it a bit and took a few pictures that might fool somebody into thinking i am actually nice looking:

me at coney island

(this was from a trip to coney island; there are more from an actual shoot, perhaps i’ll put those up later)

then we took a walk and saw this old man with a dog on a coin-operated pony, about a block away from my house.

THEN on monday, my friend emily and i got to be in one of conan o’brien’s last few NYC studio audiences ever, and his guests were clive owen and judah friedlander! and some musician guy named brett something, or whatever. with matisyahu singing as a ‘special guest’ for some reason.

30 rockice rink

(no pics allowed in the studio, but i did take those outside!)

also Tuesday night i went to Eugene Mirman’s book release party, where i saw some totally sweet comedy sets by eugene, kristen schaal, paul f thompkins, david cross, larry murphy, john hodgman and, for some reason, mr. brownstone. here are eugene mirman singing along, todd barry standing around awkwardly and david cross trying to tell you the door is open, guys, during ‘knocking on heaven’s door’:

AND THEN tuesday rolled around, and dizzee’s single was #4 most added at RPM on CMJ!!

THANKS DUDES!!! let’s keep up the awesome!!!

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